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Dynamic DNA in NBA Live 10 is more developed and extensive than the first incarnation of Dynamic DNA in NBA Live 09. In NBA Live 10, Dynamic DNA replaces the traditional shooting ratings in an effort to closer mimic real life player performance. By using the Dynamic DNA Scouting Report, users may study a player's tendencies and success in shooting from different areas on the court.

Dynamic DNA Scouting Report Data[edit]

The Dynamic DNA Scouting Report is broken up into the following areas of data:

Player DNA[edit]

This data represents the ways in which players score points.

  • Scoring Tendencies adding up to 100%
    • At the basket
    • Jump Shots
    • Post-Ups
  • Player DNA adding up to 100%
    • Isolation
    • Pick and Roll
    • Screener
    • Post Up
    • Spot Up
    • Off-Ball Screen
    • Cuts

DNA Tendencies[edit]

This data represents whether a player prefers to drive right or left and how often they pull up for a jumper or finish at the basket. Drive Left/Right and No Dribble Jumper add up to 100%, with the individual tendencies for driving being represented by a separate percentage for pulls ups and finishing at the basket.

  • Perimeter Tendencies
    • Drives Left
      • Pulls Up
      • Finish at the basket
    • Drives Right
      • Pulls Up
      • Finish at the basket
    • No Dribble Jumper

This data represents what a player prefers to do in a post up situation.

  • Post Tendencies adding up to 100%
    • Turn Left
    • Turn Right
    • Faceup

Shot Streaks[edit]

This data represents a player's success at scoring in different ways, as a percentage. It also includes a comparison to the league average at a player's position.

  • Shooting Success
    • Jump Shots
    • At the basket
    • Post-Ups

Streak Chart[edit]

A chart is also displayed on the Shot Streaks screen, plotting hot and cold streaks over the last ten games.

Jump Shots[edit]

This data represents a player's success in shooting jumpshots, from different ranges and in different situations. All data is represented in percentages and includes a comparison to the league average at a player's position.

  • Jump Shots Overall
    • Jump Shots
  • Range Breakdown
    • Short
    • Mid-range
    • 3 Point Shots
  • Situation Breakdown
    • No Dribble Unguarded
    • No Dribble Guarded
    • Off-Dribble

DNA Ratings[edit]

The DNA Ratings screen displays a comparison of ratings updated by the Dynamic DNA updates with their default values.

  • Overall Rating
  • Maximum Speed
  • Agility
  • Vertical Leap
  • Conditioning
  • Strength
  • Defensive Rebounding
  • On-Ball Defense
  • Shot blocking
  • Stealing
  • Defensive post ability
  • Outside shooting likelihood
  • Mid-range shooting likelihood
  • Free Throw ability
  • Clutch
  • Hands on perimeter
  • Lay-up/Dunk Aggressiveness
  • Standing Dunk
  • Lay-up Ability
  • Contact Shots
  • Hands in Post
  • Offensive Rebounding
  • Offensive post ability
  • Hustle
  • Pass ability
  • Dribbling
  • Off-Ball Awareness