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Dynamic Season is a gameplay mode introduced in NBA Live 10. Contrary to Dynasty Mode, Dynamic Season makes use of the NBA Live 365 updates so that the user can play along with the 2009/2010 NBA season, either daily as the data is made available or by using the NBA Rewind feature. The statistics and results from the games that the user plays are merged with real world data, thus the real NBA standings and statistics fill in for games that the user doesn't play essentially filling in for the sim engine that would normally control the performance of CPU controlled teams in Dynasty Mode. Users are not locked to a single team in Dynamic Season, however the game will track the team that that the user plays with the most.

Upon the conclusion of the 2009/2010 NBA season, users will be able to take part in their own custom Playoffs based on the results of their Dynamic Season.

Playing the games[edit]

There are two ways of playing games in Dynamic Season, Today's Games and NBA Rewind.

Today's Games[edit]

The Today's Games screen will display the games currently being played on any given day during the 2009/2010 season. Games are played using the latest Dynamic DNA, rosters, lineups and streaks with the results and stats merged with the results of games that the user does not play.

NBA Rewind[edit]

NBA Rewind can be used to go back and play games that are already in the books in real life but the user did not get an opportunity to play on the day. Games are selected from the calendar and then played with the appropriate DNA data being downloaded and used. The results and stats from the user-played game will then replace the real NBA stats and results, allowing the user to change the course of the Dynamic Season.


Dynamic Season will make use of Storylines based on current stats, records and injuries. Thus, if a player is injured or is on a scoring rampage in real life, dynamic commentary will acknowledge their performance (or the performance of their team) when playing a Dynamic Season game.

Online Elements[edit]

In addition to the NBA Live 365 updates, Dynamic Season also contains online leaderboards and statistics that allow users to share their stats and results with other NBA Live players around the world. Personal and community records will also be recorded and displayed.

Stat Scaling[edit]

To better merge real world and user-produced statistics, Dynamic Season can be set to scale statistics based on the user's quarter length. This way, the stats from games played with five minute quarters will be scaled so that they are brought in line with real NBA data which naturally consists of 48 minutes of regulation play. Stat scaling is optional and can be toggled off if the user prefers.