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EA Graphics Editor Screenshot
The EA Graphics Editor (also known as EAGraph and EAGE) was created by Brien Smith and first released in 1998, allowing NBA Live users to view, edit and extract NBA Live's art files. It could also be used as a standalone image editor as it contains some of the same features as professional image software. From 1998 to 2003 EAGraph was one of the most popular utilities in the creation of art updates, ranging from cyberfaces to jerseys to courts.

EAGE has not been updated since Brien's retirement and thus is not 100% compatible with more recent editions of NBA Live. Although it can no longer open bhed files it can still open NBA Live's .viv files, which allows users to import and export data. FshEd was later released as a companion utility to EAGE.

Apart from the NBA Live series, this tool was compatible with contemporary titles in the NHL, FIFA, Triple Play and Need for Speed series.