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EA Sports Online Pass was a subscription service that allowed users to take advantage of online features in EA Sports titles. It was set to make its debut in NBA Elite 11, before the game was cancelled.


All new copies of EA Sports games for the 2011 season included a code that could be entered to redeem a free Online Pass. Upon entering the code and activating a pass, users could take advantage of a title's online features. Codes could only be redeemed once, and each EA Sports title required its own Online Pass to be activated. Once redeemed, an Online Pass code was tied to the user's Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account, thus if their console needed to be replaced, they did not need to buy a new subscription as long as they continued to use the same account.

If a game was purchased second hand, an Online Pass could be purchased through the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Store. Seven day trials of the Online Pass were also available.


Online Pass was not required to use any offline features in EA Sports titles. Users were unable to play online multiplayer modes without an Online Pass and could not use any downloadable content in online modes, but were still able to acquire downloadable content for use in offline play.