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One of the most common DBF editing questions is "How do I change the All-Star teams?" With this guide, you should be able to easily create your own All-Star rosters. Note that this guide can be used to alter the International and European All-Stars, Rookie and Sophomore teams and the FIBA teams in addition to the East and West All-Stars; just substitute the TEAMIDs accordingly.

You will need...

  • DB Commander
  • A knowledge of the DBF files
  • A backup of your roster in case anything goes wrong

The Guide

The first step is to create the new All-Stars. Whether you plan on adding a created player or one of the original players, create a new player through the game's Create-a-Player Mode. If the player is available in the original roster, all you need to do is fill out his name. If you're creating a brand new custom player, create him with his appearance and ratings as normal.

Once you have created all the players you wish to add to the All-Star team, leave them in the Free Agent pool, save the roster to two different slots and exit the game. You will need one of the rosters as a point of reference and a backup.

Run DB Commander and open the players.dbf files for the two rosters, one in the left window and one in the right. It's generally easier if you open the roster you plan to edit in the left window.

Dbc all-star.jpg

Locate the new All-Stars in the players.dbf files. They will be the last entries in the database.

  • For custom players, all you need to do is change their TEAM to 30 (East All-Stars) or 31 (West All-Stars), their SALARYTEAM to the same value, and their ROSTERPOS to the desired roster position.
  • For players are already in the game, you will need to copy their attributes. Locate the player in the right hand window and use it as a reference to copy all of the player's values to their entry in the left window. You must copy all of the attributes exactly except for PLAYERID (leave this as it was), TEAM (assign them to one of the All-Star teams, 30 or 31), SALARYTEAM (again, match this value to TEAM) and ROSTERPOS (change to the desired roster position)
  • From NBA Live 2005 onwards, you must also do this for appearance.dbf. Once again, use the left window to modify the new entries for existing players and the right window to open up the second appearance.dbf file as a reference.

OK, so you have added new players to the All-Star team. However, there will most likely be more than 15 players on each team and some of the players will share the same ROSTERPOS - that's going to result in a crash. What you must now do is remove the All-Stars you no longer wish to be on the team.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to change their TEAM and SALARYTEAM to 32 (Retired) or 38 (Referee). You can also change their ROSTERPOS to 0 if you like, but it doesn't really matter. This will remove a player from the visible roster and out of the All-Star team.

We're not done yet. Chances are the players remaining on the All-Star team have some overlapping ROSTERPOS values, and thus share the same position on the roster. You will need to reorder the roster within the database, changing the ROSTERPOS values for all of the players on the East and West All-Stars so that they each have a unique value:

0: Starting Centre
1: Starting Power Forward
2: Starting Small Forward
3: Starting Shooting Guard
4: Starting Point Guard
5-11: Active Bench
12-14: Inactive Roster

You may want to write down the players and the corresponding ROSTERPOS values you wish them to have which you can refer to when reordering the rosters. Please note that you can quickly and easily find the entries for all players on the All-Star team by searching for 30 or 31 in a player's TEAM field.

With all your changes made, close DB Commander and run NBA Live. Reload the edited roster and check the All-Star teams in the Reorder Rosters screen. Congratulations, you should have successfully edited the All-Star teams! You can now reorder the All-Star lineups as well as edit player ratings from within the game as desired.

This method will work with all games from NBA Live 2000 onwards. Please note that NBA Live 2000 does not feature East and West All-Star teams as part of the default rosters, so you must create those teams first.

Additional NBA Live 2000 Instructions

As NBA Live 2000 features Create-a-Team, this process is much quicker.

  • Create the East and West All-Star teams
  • Select the players you wish to make All-Stars, and add them to each team's roster.
  • Save the roster file, exit the game and open it with DB Commander.
  • Open the teams.dbf file. Copy the values for the East and West All-Stars except for the TEAMNUM attribute (leave this as it is) and TEAMCODE (change this to 6)
  • Open the players.dbf file. Locate the players you have selected for the All-Star teams. Change their PLRSUBID and DUPECOUNT attributes to 0. Locate the original players in the database and ensure that their PLRSUBID and DUPECOUNT attributes are also 0.
  • Close DB Commander, reload the roster within the game. You should have successfully created both All-Star teams complete with correct logos and individual team jersey for all the players. If not, ensure that each player on the All-Star teams has their correct ORIGTEAM value.

NBA Live 98 and NBA Live 99 Notes

The procedure for NBA Live 98 and NBA Live 99 is basically the same as the first method described, however there is no SALARYTEAM attribute or Team 32 or 38.

Follow the above instructions, but instead of placing the old All-Stars on Team 32 or 38, place them on Team 29 (Free Agents) and change their ISCREATED value to True and their ISROM value to False. Start the game, reload the roster, and delete them from the Created Players List.

NBA Live 95, NBA Live 96 and NBA Live 97

If by chance you're playing one of these old games and you'd like to edit the All-Star teams, you can do so simply by using the unofficial editors available to download here at the NLSC. These editors have a function to add players to the All-Star team automatically since these games do not use DBF files.