Editing Global Accessories in NBA 2K14

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This tutorial will assist you in creating your own accessories in NBA 2K14.

The Guide[edit]

So in this tutorial, I’m gonna teach all of you how to make an accessory for your own personal global.

I'm going to create the Nike Arm Sleeve as an example.

We are going to start with an empty texture that will soon replace the Adidas power Web arm sleeve.


That is the template. Now, we need to search for the Nike Sleeve to use as a reference pic. I picked this one:


So what I’m going to do is use the rectangle tool and make a rectangle. Like this.


Then, use the paint bucket tool and color it black.


Make another rectangle using the same tool but this time as you may have noticed, the square’s size is decreasing so we need the square to be a little bit smaller than the first that we made. Just repeat the same process three more times and voila.


Now, we need to do the rectangle thing, so just use the rectangle tool and make it look like the one in the pic. Try experimenting with the length.


I used the paint bucket tool to recolor it to black. So now, we have this.


We are still missing the Nike logo and since the pic wasn’t enough to lasso out the Nike logo, we are going to look for the Nike logo. I used this and just cropped the Nike logo.


So I pasted it in the template, resized it, and moved it to the bottom.


But there is still one thing we haven’t done here and it's improving the color. What I mean by this is that you need to colorify this to make it look better in-game. So, how do we do it?

It’s simple: go to “Colors” and at the bottom, there is the option to “COLORIFY”. Click that and then at the options screen, pick the red color and it should look like this in the preview.


Press OK.

Now, we need to flip the image. Right click the texture, go to Image > Transform > Flip Horizontally


FINAL TEXTURE: (Ignore the watermark)


Import it using the 3DM MOD TOOL and ENJOY!

Thanks to Tuxedo12 for the base texture and JaoSming for his amazing tutorials.