Editing Music in NBA Live 2004

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The following tutorial will assist you in editing the soundtrack text in NBA Live 2004 (for a guide on changing the music files themselves, please see this tutorial). It was originally written by Little Big Man.

The Guide

First off download FXEDIT32 here if you don't already have it. FXEDIT32 is a hex editor. Now open FXEDIT32 and click on open as highlighted below. Note: Please backup your xlocale.eng file just in case you wish to revert back to the original.

Nba2004 locale tutorial1.gif

Alright now go to your NBA Live directory and go to the 'loc' folder and open the xlocale.eng file as shown below.

Nba2004 locale tutorial2.gif

Now this is a large file so I made a place marker and highlighted it as shown below. Scroll around that particular region and you should be able to locate the text that corresponds with the song titles ingame. Otherwise it will take forever to locate it. Look below to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Nba2004 locale tutorial3.gif

Once you've located the text that you wish to edit click on Edit->Edit String as shown below. This allows you to be able to edit the text instead of the hex values.

Nba2004 locale tutorial4.gif

Now the cursor on the text side should turn red as shown below. Now just edit the text and be sure that the period in between the letters has a hex value of '00' otherwise it will display a period in the song titles.

Nba2004 locale tutorial5.gif

Once you edit the text you came to fix just click on the save button as shown below and your finished.

Nba2004 locale tutorial6.gif