Editing Title Screens in NBA 2K14

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This tutorial will assist you in creating custom title screens for NBA 2K14.

The Guide[edit]

Making title screens is just a matter of changing textures. I hope you guys can get an idea of how to make your own title screens.

First off, I'm gonna show you which part controls which texture.


Another pic


Again, I'm not good at Photoshop or GIMP ;)

So first off, I'm planning to make Kobe Bryant. Since I want that powder effect gone, I'm going to export the powder texture. You can also use the 2KX Mod Tool, and open it in GIMP (or Photoshop).


(Note: To export the texture, right click>>in the 2nd divider click the 1st one>> save it anywhere). If GIMP/Photoshop is telling you to load mipmaps, select No.

This is the powder texture.


To erase that, you're going to press Ctrl+A then press Delete. Then, fill it with black using the bucket tool. You should end up with this.


Export it as DXT5, no mipmaps. Import it in the 3DM Mod Tool.

Now, I want to change LeBron's face in the background. Just use the same process and open it in Photoshop/GIMP.


So now, to erase it, Ctrl+A then press Delete. Click Yes, then go to the channels tab.


Click on the Alpha 1. When you click it, it should look like this.


Use the Paint tool or the bucket tool to color it black. After that, you’ll get a blank texture. Then click RGB, and unclick Alpha 1.

I'm going to use this picture of Kobe Bryant, and paste it on the black texture.


Save it in DXT5, and make sure its in the dds format.

Press Save and you’re done.

Last thing that we are gonna do is replace LeBron's pose to Kobe's: http://wallalay.com/kobe-bryant-dunk-7-190612-desktop-background.html

So, repeat the same process and open it in GIMP.


Press Ctrl+A then press Delete. Now, you’ll get a blank texture.

Then paste Kobe’s pic on to the blank texture. You’ll probably get this. (Note: I added the text.)


After that, export it in DXT5 format without mipmaps.

VOILA! A Kobe Bryant Title Screen.