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This tutorial outlines the method of editing the salary cap in NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08. If you're looking for instructions on how to edit the salary cap in old games, please consult this guide. It uses information originally posted by Terry, joeygraham and Evolution in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: The steps in this guide use NBA Live 2005 as an example. Please substitute the correct values accordingly. Please see below for a list of the default values in NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08.

  1. Create a new dynasty or load your Dynasty save. Copy down the salary cap (eg. for a new NBA Live 2005 Dynasty, it should be $43.84M). Save your Dynasty and exit the game.
  2. Open the save folder of your Dynasty and find a file called franchise.dat. Make a backup for this file.
  3. Use a Hex Editor (eg. UltraEdit) to open the franchise.dat file.
  4. Use the Calculator in Windows to convert the salary cap from DEC format to HEX format. You can switch between DEC and HEX mode by clicking the appropriate buttons or by using the function keys (F5 for HEX, F6 for DEC). Note that money in the game is saved in a kilo base so using NBA Live 2005's default cap as an example, $43.84M is saved as 43840. Convert 43840 to HEX and you will get AB40.
  5. Use the search function in your Hex Editor to locate the salary cap data. Note that because it is lower byte first, you must switch the second two digits for the first two. Once again using the default NBA Live 2005 value as an example, you would search for 40AB and not AB40. Please see below for the default values for NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08.
  6. The cursor will be in place after the search is done. If you are editing a new NBA Live 2005 Dynasty, you will see at the cursor 40 AB 00 00 00 00 00 00. (where 40 AB is the value you've found in your franchise.dat file).
  7. The first four pairs of digits (in this example 40 AB 00 00) are the salary cap. Change it to the salary cap value of your choice. For example, if you want the salary cap to be $100.00M, then use the Calculator to convert 100000 to HEX which is 186A0. In this case you would change 40 AB 00 00 to A0 86 01 00, (the 00 00 00 00 that follows is actually the Dynasty point; this is a new Dynasty example, as represented by the four pairs of zeros)
  8. Save the file, restart your game and enjoy.

Additional Notes

  • You may have to subtract 0.005 from the salary cap figure. For example, NBA Live 07's default cap of $53.14 million becomes $53.135, which is then entered as 53135 in DEC format, which equates to CF8F in HEX format. You would then search for 8FCF in franchise.dat (as it is lower byte first). Try this if you can't find the default values as listed below or you're having trouble finding the salary cap data after the first year in Dynasty Mode.
  • Windows Calculator must be in Scientific mode to find HEX values. You can select this option from the View menu.
  • Remember that the salary cap increases each year in Dynasty Mode, so if you are editing a Dynasty after the first year you will not be able to find the default value. You must use the Calculator to find the appropriate hex value.

Default Salary Cap Values

Here is a listing of the default salary cap values and the hex codes to search for:

  • NBA Live 2005: $43.84M (40AB)
  • NBA Live 06: $49.50M (57C1)
  • NBA Live 07: $53.14M (8FCF)
  • NBA Live 08: $55.63M (4ED9)

Example Values

Here are some high numbers for easy use. They are already rearranged so that all you need to do is overwrite the original value in your franchise.dat file. Remember to backup your file first in case anything goes wrong.

  • 80 mil: 80 38 01
  • 100 mil: A0 86 01
  • 150 mil: F0 49 02
  • 200 mil: 40 0D 03
  • 300 mil: E0 93 04
  • 400 mil: 80 1A 06
  • 500 mil: 20 A1 07