Free Throw Shooting in NBA Elite 11

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Free Throws in NBA Elite 11

Free Throw Shooting in NBA Elite 11 utilised the right analog stick in a method that was identical to the game's controls for shooting regular jumpshots. During free throw attempts, an overlay featuring an aiming zone and a power meter is displayed in the top right corner of the screen. The user must move the right analog stick straight up, ensuring that their aim is within the green zone on the display, then release the right stick when the indicator reaches the top of the power meter. Similar to the T-Meter method, better free throw shooters have a wider margin for error represented by larger green zones, while poor free throw shooters have narrower green zones and thus less margin for error.

While NBA Elite 11 was ultimately cancelled, this method of shooting free throws was implemented in the game's demo that was released through the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store.