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The following is a list of general frequently asked questions about the NBA Live series. If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


Why are certain players not included in NBA Live?

Every year the rosters are locked at a certain date which means that any players signed after this date cannot be included in the game. Therefore, the default rosters are usually outdated by the time the game ships and depending on which rookies have signed with teams and which veterans remain under contract with an NBA team, some players will miss the cutoff date and hence not be included the game.

The situation regarding Legends is similar. To include a retired player, EA Sports must come to an agreement with them to use their likeness in the game. If EA Sports does not hold these rights, they are not allowed to include a player in the game. Over the years, deals with certain players have expired and not been renewed, thus certain Legends have been dropped from the roster as a result.

Why doesn't NBA Live ever utilise generic/lookalike Legends to replace ones that cannot be included?

Every major sports league has its own rules and policies regarding current and former players which video game developers must adhere to, hence what may be possible with the NFL may not be possible with the NBA. Madden also has the luxury of concealing generic players' appearances to a certain extent, owing to the fact helmets are a part of the uniform. As the placeholder legends cannot resemble the players they are meant to represent in any way, their incorrect appearance would be much more apparent in a basketball game.

Following a string of lawsuits from former NFL and collegiate basketball players, it's highly unlikely EA Sports or any other developer will risk including any players they have not reached an agreement with.

Why is NBA Live released in late September/early October?

Like many aspects of NBA Live, the release date is governed by the NBA itself. EA Sports must comply with the date that has been set. In special circumstances, EA Sports can apply to change the release date, as was the case with NBA Live 15.

Why aren't technicals/fights included in NBA Live? Why don't you ask for them in the Wishlist?

The NBA will not allow EA Sports to include unsportsmanlike technical fouls or fights in the NBA Live series as the league is very conscious about its image. EA Sports have indicated in past interviews that they would not be interested in representing these elements of the game in NBA Live, but as it currently stands they would not be able to implement them even if they wanted to since the NBA will not allow them. As such, they are not featured items on the annual Wishlists.

Are there any cheat codes for NBA Live?

There are a few codes for NBA Live but these mostly relate to unlocking hidden players such as producers and members of the QA team and in later games, additional jerseys, shoes and other items from the NBA Store. NBA Live 2004 also featured a few second round draft picks that were included as hidden players and could be unlocked through codes. See the :Category:Codes | Codes]] section for more details.

I heard there was a cheat to unlock a dunk contest/missing legend/historical teams in NBA Live. Is this true?

Sorry, the code is fake. There have been a lot of fake codes posted on the Internet since the days of NBA Live 95, often relating to unlocking players, historical teams or features such as the Slam Dunk Contest. Although rumours of these codes persist, they can be disproven quite easily.

The simple fact of the matter is that EA Sports would not hide a feature as big as the Dunk Contest, as evidenced by the prominent promotion of All-Star Weekend in the lead up to NBA Live 2005. Missing legends are not included due to legal reasons and hence cannot appear in the game in any form, even as a hidden unlockable player. The inclusion of historical teams hinges upon the same factor (licensing rights allowing EA to include all necessary players) which to date has prevented them from being included. Making them a hidden unlockable would not circumvent the law.

Another good way of spotting a fake secret is to consider the requirements of unlocking it. Many of these secrets claim to be unlockable by achieving a statistical milestone such as making 15 steals in a game or scoring over 100 points with a single player. While later NBA Live games have incorporated a Task List that rewards players with points that can be "spent" in the NBA Store to unlock jerseys and other items, as well as Xbox Live Achievements and PlayStation Trophies, they do not unlock hidden players, teams or gameplay modes in any NBA Live to date.

Will you send me the full version an NBA Live game?

No. In accordance with international copyright law and out of respect to EA Sports, we will not send you an illegal copy of the game, nor will we help you with a pirated copy of the game. Please note that making this request is grounds for an immediate ban in the NLSC Forum.

Will you provide me with a working CD Key?

Again, no. We will not promote software piracy or aid you in acquiring an illegal copy of NBA Live. As above, making this request is grounds for an immediate ban in the NLSC Forum.

Will you provide information about a No-CD patch?

Once again, no. We do not provide any resources for pirating NBA Live games. And once again, it is grounds for an immediate ban if you ask about this in the NLSC Forum.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes and no. As a community, we try to help each other out but we are not affiliated with EA Sports nor employed to provide support for the game. We'll try to lend a hand, but at the end of the day we're a fansite, NBA Live is not our product and we are not responsible for providing technical support.

You can contact EA's technical support staff or check their online help section at

Can you tell me how to make patches?

Please browse our selection of Tutorials for some step by step guides to creating patches for the NBA Live series. You can find tutorials here in the Wiki, as well as in the NLSC Forum.

How can I use the patches for console versions of NBA Live?

You can't. PC specific updates will only work with the PC version of NBA Live.

Which games in the series have been provided with an official patch after their release?

The following games have received official updates from EA Sports on PC:

Official updates have also been released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of NBA Live 08, NBA Live 09 and NBA Live 10. Dynamic DNA updates were featured in NBA Live 09 and NBA Live 10. NBA Live 14, NBA Live 15, and NBA Live 16 have all received post-release support in the form of roster and content updates, as well as bug fixes.

Why doesn't EA Sports release NBA Live on PC any more?

Unfortunately, EA Sports stopped making NBA Live for the PC platform after NBA Live 08. The decision was largely due to the difficulty in developing for and supporting the platform - unlike consoles, PCs do not have standard hardware - and declining sales for the PC version. It has been speculated that piracy may have been a contributing factor, however EA Sports has never explicitly stated this as a reason for halting PC releases. The possibility of future PC releases of NBA Live remains in doubt, but EA have been made aware of our desire to see PC versions of future titles.