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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the NLSC ( If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


What is the NLSC?

The NLSC is a website and online community dedicated to basketball video games. We provide news, information, previews, reviews, patches (also called mods) and other original content, primarily for the NBA Live, NBA 2K and NBA Jam series.

What does NLSC stand for?

NLSC originally stood for "NBA Live Series Center", the original name of the site. Following the continued expansion of our coverage of NBA 2K and NBA Jam, we re-branded ourselves as simply the NLSC in August of 2011. Technically, it still stands for NBA Live Series Center, but we're just going by NLSC these days, due to our wider coverage.

How long have you been around?

The NLSC was founded by Tim, Lutz, and Brien back in August 1996.

How come your archives don't go all the way back to 1996?

We've changed content management systems a few times over the years (and in the dark ages of the World Wide Web, we weren't actually using one!). As such, our news archives only extend back to August of 2011. Our original Forum, which ran on Discus software, is currently unavailable (though we do have it backed up). Our current Forum, running on phpBB, was opened in November of 2002, and aside from any topics that have been deleted, its archives date back to that time.

Are you an official website?

No, we are an unofficial fansite originally dedicated to the NBA Live series and now covering all basketball video games, primarily NBA Live, NBA 2K and NBA Jam. We are not affiliated with EA Sports, 2K Sports, the NBA, or any other developer or entity in any way.

Are you involved in the production of the games?

No, we are not part of the development team for any basketball video games. Over the years, we have established a relationship with EA Sports (and certain members of the NBA 2K development team) and provide them with a Wishlist comprised of our own suggestions for upcoming games, as well as suggestions collected on behalf of the community. Our involvement with the development of games is limited to fan feedback and community initiatives. We have no direct involvement in their development.

Do you have to pay for any of the downloads or content on the NLSC?

All of the files that are available can be downloaded free of charge. Certain utilities such as RED MC for the NBA 2K series feature premium versions that do cost money, however a free version with basic functionality is still available. In general, most downloads are completely free and 100% functional.

By law, we cannot charge money for patches (eg custom roster files, face textures, etc). Some patchers choose to use a virtual "tip jar" for anyone who feels inclined to donate a small amount of money as a token of thanks, or ad links, however it is against the rules and spirit of the community to demand money for patches or force users to donate before they can download a file (essentially charging for the work).

Do you need to register to download files?

You don't need to register to download files, however you do need to register to upload files or rate files in the database.

Why register for an account?

Visiting the NLSC as a guest basically gives you read-only access to most of the site. By registering a free account in our Forum, you can take part in discussions, upload files to our Downloads section, rate files that other users upload and show up as a member when commenting on news articles. The only part of the site that requires a separate login is the Wiki, which also allows anonymous public editing.

To register an NLSC Forum account, use this link.

How do you change your avatar on the main site?

Whereas your Forum avatar is locally stored, the avatar that is displayed when posting comments on the main page is linked to Gravatar. If you already have a Gravatar account which uses the same email address as the one you've used to register at the NLSC, your selected avatar will be displayed. If you don't have a Gravatar account, a generic avatar will be displayed in its place; registering a Gravatar account with the same email address you've used with your NLSC account will allow you to set and change your avatar.

Who are the individuals who work on the NLSC? How can I contact them?

A complete listing of the current NLSC staff can be found here.

You can easily get in touch with us using our contact form.

I have a question about a patch or downloading. Can you help me?

Please consult the Downloads FAQ for general issues related to downloading files here at the NLSC.

If you are having an issue with a particular patch, please contact the person who made it; they are the ones responsible for providing support for it. Not every file on the site was created by members of the NLSC staff, so be sure to check the listed author and email address and get in touch with the right person.

While we aim to be as helpful as possible, please note that we cannot provide in-depth support for files we didn't create, nor can we be everyone's personal technical support or patching tutor. Please consult our various FAQs and Tutorials for more information on using and creating patches for the games.

I've encountered a technical problem with the site, or I have a problem with my account. Who should I contact?

Please contact Andrew to report any technical issues, as well as resolve any problems with your account and logging in.

I contacted you but didn't hear anything back. Why didn't you reply?

There are a few possibilities:

  1. We haven't had a chance to respond yet. We're not online 24/7 and we're not all in the same time zones, so we can't always get back to you immediately.
  2. We tried to respond but were unable to send the reply. If you require a response, please ensure that we can reply to a valid email address and that your inbox is not full.
  3. Your question has been answered many times before and more information is available on the site. In most cases we'll reply with a link to the appropriate FAQ, but we do reserve the right not to reply to questions that are already answered in our FAQs.
  4. We simply didn't receive your email and thus were unaware that you tried to contact us. Please give us a little time to respond before sending another email though, we may not have responded due to the reasons above.
  5. We reserve the right not to reply to any emails that are threatening, rude or abusive. If you have an issue that you need to resolve, please be civil about it.

How do I join the NLSC Team?

From time to time, we look to add new people to the NLSC Team in a variety of roles. We generally advertise these positions, which are all volunteer-based, non-paying roles. You can also contact one of the administrators to ask about the possibility of joining the team. Our decision to add new staff depends on how long an applicant has been a part of the community, whether they have shown themselves to be friendly, reliable and trustworthy, and whether or not we are actively looking to expand the team at any given time.

How do I become a moderator in the NLSC Forum?

We only add new moderators as we need them. As above, candidates need to be well-established and well-known in the community, proven themselves to be a trustworthy and good Forum citizens, and capable of adhering to the Forum rules.

How do I become a Contributor in the NLSC Forum?

Contributors are members of the Forum who have been around for a while, and made frequent contributions in the form of uploads, tutorials, and other resources. They have also proven themselves to be helpful, enthusiastic, and friendly members of our community. As such, they're recognised with membership in the Contributors group, and have their own badge and title.

The basic requirements for the Contributors group are as follows:

  • Been a part of the NLSC community for at least a year.
  • Actively contributed to the community within the past six months.
  • Uploaded/added your releases to the NLSC Downloads database.
  • Genuine intentions to keep making contributions for the foreseeable future.
  • Been a good Forum citizen, setting a good example for other members.

More information can be found here.

Whose files are posted in File Additions bulletins on the front page?

File Additions bulletins are compromised of the most recent uploads for a given game in our Downloads section. They include the work of various members of the community, as well as NLSC staff members. NLSC staff members may also choose to post separate bulletins for larger releases, and other big projects in the community may also be spotlighted with their own news posts.

The names of the people who released the work, as well as a direct link to the download page, are included in each bulletin. File Additions bulletins only include work that has been added to the Downloads section.

I uploaded/added a new file, but it hasn't been posted on the main page yet. When will it be posted?

Whenever possible, we prefer to ensure that there's more than one new file addition per bulletin. As such, a bulletin may be held back until a couple more uploads for the same game come through. In some cases, posting a lone file addition is unavoidable, and thus a File Additions bulletin will only feature one new release.

We also try to space out content that isn't breaking news, in order to maximise its visibility. During the preview season for NBA Live and NBA 2K, a File Additions bulletin may be held back a few hours to a day, in order to not get lost among the other news posts.

How are the releases ordered in File Additions bulletins?

Files are listed by author, in the order that they were added to the database. Releases by NLSC staff members are always listed at the top however, and updated files are listed after brand new releases.