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Hands-On Control is a control scheme that was set to be introduced in NBA Elite 11. It is intended to expand user control with greater use of the right analog stick, covering dribbling moves, shooting and defense.


Hands-On Control was intended to enhance user control in NBA Elite 11. It is geared towards realism and total player control and combined with real-time physics, intended to allow users to create unique plays in the game. Turbo has also been removed from the controls, with the player's ability to sprint and outrun opponents dependent on their speed ratings.


Dribbling controls remain similar to Freestyle Control and Quick Strike Ankle Breakers. Different movements of the right analog stick will result in different dribbling moves including crossovers, spins and behind-the-back dribbles. Right-to-left and left-to-right movements control crossovers and rolls of the right stick perform spin moves.


Shooting is performed by moving the right analog stick up to begin the shot attempt and then releasing it to release the shot. The user has control over the accuracy and distance, according to the position of the right stick which is used to aim the shot. If the stick is released at a perfect "12:00" position, the shot will be on target. If the right stick is released too early the shot will be short, whereas a late release will result in the shot being long. The margin for error varies according to a player's shooting abilities and their current position on the court.

While moving towards the basket with the left stick, different movements on the right stick can perform layups and hook shots. The left stick can also be used in conjunction with the right stick to perform leaners, fadeaways and bank shots. Fadeaways and leaners are performed by moving the left stick towards or away the basket respectively, while bank shots can be performed by aiming the right stick to the near side of the backboard.

The left trigger can be used to perform pro-hops/"Euro-steps". The left analog stick can also be used to control the direction of the move. When attempting a dunk, players can also switch hands from left to right with a movement of the right stick.

Free Throw Shooting[edit]

Free throw shooting is much the same as shooting a regular jumpshot, with the intention being to move the right stick straight up and release it at the right moment. An on-screen display assists the user aim and time the release of the shot.


Steals, blocks and interceptions are controlled with movements of the right stick. With the new controls, it is possible to track an opponent from behind and chase them down for a block off the backboard. Moving the right stick down attempts a steal, moving it up attempts a block and moving the stick side to side raises the defender's arms and attempts an interception.

NBA Elite 11's Cancellation[edit]

Following the cancellation of NBA Elite 11, it appears as though the Hands-On Control scheme has been scrapped in favour of a system more closely resembling the Freestyle Control seen in previous NBA Live games, which would have been used in NBA Live 13. Despite NBA Live 13's cancellation, it is expected that future games will retain a control scheme that resembles Freestyle more than Hands-On Control.