High School Coach (NBA 2K15)

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The High School Coach is a character in NBA 2K15's MyCAREER mode. He was the NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER's basketball coach in high school.

High School Coach
High School Coach.png
Proud of his former player.
Role High School Coach
Family/Friends NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER
Actor Matondo Kiantandu
Games NBA 2K15

Background & Story[edit]

He has known the NBA 2K15 MyPLAYER since the player was twelve years old, and two formed a close player-coach relationship. In the player's third season, Coach approaches him asking for money to repair the old high school gym, which has fallen into disrepair and is in danger of being closed down. The player has the option to donate the money to repair the gym, which costs Virtual Currency.