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The Homecourt Challenge is the career mode in NBA Street Homecourt by EA Sports. It involves creating a player and then taking part in a cross-country barnstorming tour, with NBA players representing their hometowns and hosting elimination tournaments. Over the course of the campaign, the attributes of the created player can be boosted by earning experience points for their play on the court. Several bonus features can also be unlocked by playing through the Homecourt Challenge.

The object is to defeat all opponents and become a streetball legend, putting your own homecourt on the map. When setting up a new Homecourt Challenge game, the user is able to enter the name of their homecourt and recruit generic players as their teammates. As the user progresses through the Challenge, they are able to recruit NBA players to replace the players on their squad (with the exception of the created player). Players may get disgruntled if they do not get enough shots and will confront the user about their role on the team. If a player remains unhappy with their role, they may leave the team forcing the user to recruit a replacement.