How to make 2x Jerseys for NBA Live 07

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This guide will help you make 2x (512x512) jerseys in NBA Live.


This tutorial was written for NBA Live 07 but applies to the following games:

The Guide

A 2x Jersey in NBA Live 07

OK, here is the updated 512 tutorial. This will create a viv file that can range from 7 MB to 15 MB for 55 numbers and about 20 MB for all 101 numbers. It is recommended that you use the 55 number version because of the smaller filesize. The 55 numbers used are all of the numbers that are actively used in the NBA today. After using this tutorial, import your buni into the normal .fsh file as 256x256 so people in dynasty mode can still see the same jersey if their draft players have a different number.

Big thanks to Pdub for making the batch files and the getting the filesize down.

So start off by downloading this and go to My Computer. Go to your C Drive (C:) and create a new folder called "fshline" (without the quotes). Then extract the rar contents, including the work folder, into that folder.

Next create your buni as a .png file and place it in the FSHLine folder. Rename it to texture0!buni.png. Now go to the NBA Live 07\sgsm\uniforms folder and copy the jersey viv that you will be editing. For instance if you were to edit the Boston home jersey, copy the bosthome.viv and past it into the FSHLine folder you created.

After you move the viv file rename it to newyhome.viv so the batch files recognize the viv file. Then with a hex editor, such as Hex Workshop or something with a find and replace feature, find the normal file name (in this example bosthome) and replace it with newyhome. Again this is done so the batch files properly find the correct files.

Now the easy part, after renaming the viv and the FSH files inside the viv, and placing your renamed 512 jersey png into the FSHLine directory you created run one of the batch files. It is recommended to run the 55 512 Numbers.bat because it will create a smaller file size.

After the bat file is finished rename your viv back to its original name (bosthome.viv) and use the hexeditor to rename the files inside the viv back from newyhome to bosthome. You should also use BigGUI to rebuild the viv file after the batch process. Then throw back in the uniforms folder and release your work!