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I cannot believe my starting 5.... was an infamous thread that was posted in the original NLSC Forum ("the old black boards"). Created by "A.L." (username Bromanagro), it described an experience with Franchise Mode in NBA Live 2001, in which the poster felt the Fantasy Draft option and the game's trading logic allowed them to construct an unfair starting five.

Notably, A.L. revealed that they were using Kevin Garnett as the team's point guard, referring to it as KG's "natural" position. This claim raised a few eyebrows, given that point guard is not a position that Garnett regularly played at the professional level. KG playing point guard became the main focus of the discussion, which then evolved to a discussion about players like Magic Johnson and point-forwards like Scottie Pippen, and then...something else entirely.

The original purpose of the thread was soon disregarded altogether, and it became a thread to make jokes, and talk about anything and everything. When it finally topped 1000 posts - a rarity in the original Forum - it was cause for celebration. It also spawned a few parody threads, though there were nowhere near as popular. For their part, A.L. left the discussion early on, expressing frustration that other posters had fixated on the bit about KG being a "natural" point guard.

The post that started it all[edit]

Here is the original post, quoted verbatim.

Hello all,

So anyway I am playing a custom team (redrafted all of the modern NBA players) and I had the fifth pick overall. What I hate about this part of the game is the fact that the draft goes from 1 to 29 and back to 1 again. Its so unfair to the other teams. This annoyed me in NBA 2000 and I was dissapointed that they did not change that. Anyway I picked Garnett at 5 overall and I picked the best players available thereafter.

After drafting my team, the computer ranked me the best overall. But I didn't like the fact that my squad was a bit long in the tooth. So I put on my GM suit and went to work.

After all was said and done...I came out with a DREAM starting 5 for any long-term franchisee.

C - Mark Jackson, 25yrs old
PF - Elton Brand ,21 yrs old
SF - Tracy McGrady, 22 yrs old
SG - Allan Iverson, 26 yrs old
PG - Kevin Garnett, 26 yrs old

Yeah, I let KG play his "natural" possition. Besides, this way he overpowers other PG's.

The problem with my team though is my bench, which consists of Marcus Fizer, Jonathan Bender and other future NBA prospects.

But that all doesnt matter...I am still scratching my head...on why the computer let me have such a dominating and impressive starting 5.

I am good for the next 10 seasons at least with those 5. Then I can work on my bench in that time span.

Anyway, Im thinking of starting over because I feel real bad about what I did to a machine that does not take into account FUTURE VALUE.

Anyone else here feel bad about ripping off the computer?