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Inactive List in the PC version of NBA Live 08
The Inactive List menu is a roster management function allows users to move players to the inactive list and back in recent NBA Live games. Together with the Player Rotation menu, it has become a replacement for the Reorder Roster function in NBA Live's Dynasty Mode. The change has been somewhat unpopular with fans due to the limited functions of the Inactive List feature and the cumbersome nature of the Player Rotation menu.


The Inactive List is used in a similar manner to the Reorder Roster function, with users first selecting a player they wish to move to a different slot and then selecting a second player with whom to switch places. Contrary to the traditional layout of the Reorder Roster screen, the Inactive List displays the inactive roster slots at the top of the roster with the twelve active players underneath. If a team has only twelve players or less, the Inactive Roster function cannot be used as no inactive slots will be recognised on the team's roster.