Installing Face Patches

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This tutorial explains the steps for installing cyberface and portrait patches in NBA Live. It uses information originally posted by Cable in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:


This tutorial assumes you have the files needed (cyberface and portrait) and will tell you what you need to edit in the DBF files for the cyberface and portrait to show up. It's always a good idea to make a backup of the DBF files just in case. Before you start editing DBF files, please make sure you have placed the art files in your sgsm folder.

In players.dbf you need to change:

  • ISCREATED to False
  • ISGENERATE to False
  • ISHISTORIC to False (unless you wish to designate the player as a Legend)
  • PLAYERPKG to the seven letter code that's used (i.e. Smush Parker = smparke)

In appearance.dbf you need to find the APPEARID that's the same as the PLAYERID from players.dbf for that player, then edit the following for that line:

  • FACEID to -1

Once you've done that, re-load the rosters and the portrait and cyberface should be there. Note: If you have just a portrait, don't change FACEID and you can keep a created player's face with a custom portrait.