Installing the official patch for NBA Live 07

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The official NBA Live 07 patch released by EA Sports is necessary to resolve various issues in the PC version of NBA Live 07 and is recommended to all users.

Downloading & Installing

Follow these steps to install the official update:

  1. Download the appropriate version of the official patch. You must select the correct language version for your copy as well as the correct distribution version (either DVD-ROM or EA Downloader). If you don't download the correct version of the patch, you will not be able to apply it.
  2. The patch will be in .zip format, which can be opened with Winzip. Once you open the .zip archive, run the installation .exe file.
  3. The patch will then install itself. Please note that if you have modified the plyrface.viv file or are running a pirated copy of the game, the patch will not install. If you encounter any problems it's best to simply reinstall the game and then try to apply the update again. Please note that neither we nor EA Sports will not provide any solution for patching pirated copies.
  4. Once the patch has finished installing, load NBA Live 07. You will need to enable the Fatigue Effect option under the game settings. Note that the patch does not add a Fatigue Effect slider. You may also need to re-enable a couple of rules (such as the 24 second shot clock) after installing the patch.

Issues addressed by the official update

The patch addresses the following issues only:

  • Fixed missing face texture for Renaldo Balkman
  • Fixed bug allowing users to release players during FA negotiation period
  • Fixed inverted text bug for direct pass
  • Fixed last man back functionality
  • Fixed bug with substitution logic and also added the following additional functionality:
    • Added a CPU substitution frequency slider
    • Added a Fatigue Effect On/Off option in general gameplay options
  • Fixed bug that had the wrong jerseys showing up in 1-on-1 and Freestyle game modes
  • Added functionality to view "average" stats
  • Added functionality to allow user to save stats in gameplay