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Each game in the NBA Live series has featured an Instant Replay feature in one form or another. NBA Live 95 introduced the manual replay feature to the series, consisting of only one camera angle but standard video controls including play, stop, pause, rewind, fast forward and slow motion. NBA Live 96's additional camera angles were also put to use in Instant Replay and automatic replays were first seen the following year in NBA Live 97. Subsequent games in the series have added new camera angles and features including the ability to save screenshots and even videos of a user's favourite moments.

Games that allow screenshots to be saved[edit]

External screen capture functions in Windows and third party software may also be used to capture stills from the PC versions of NBA Live 95, NBA Live 96 and NBA Live 97.

Games that allow replays to be saved[edit]

External methods of capturing video may also be used to save videos from PC versions of NBA Live.

Expansion in NBA Live 09[edit]

The Xbox 360/Playstation 3 version of NBA Live 09 introduced an expanded Instant Replay feature with a suite of video editing tools facilitating more professional and entertaining productions including speed changes and camera cuts. Screenshots could also be saved for the first time in a console version of NBA Live. Video replays and screenshots alike could be uploaded and shared via the EA Sports World website. Additional post-production features including music and highlight reel creation tools are also available after uploading a video to EA Sports World.