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High and Low Intensity
Intensity is an aspect of gameplay that was introduced in NBA Live 07 and is intended to emulate high pressure situations. Game intensity is represented by a meter on the scoreboard that ranges from blue (low intensity) to red (high intensity). When the meter is blue, defense is often looser and players do not play as aggressively. When the meter is red, it represents an intense battle with tougher defense and more aggressive play. When a game begins, the meter will normally be blue to represent a fairly low level of intensity at the tipoff. However, in a Rivalry Game the meter begins at red, representing a high level of intensity from the opening tip.

The level of intensity will generally increase throughout the game providing the score remains close, usually reaching red by the start of the fourth quarter. Intensity can also decrease if a team falls behind by a large margin.

Rivalry Game

Rivalry Game Icon
Team rivalries are represented in NBA Live through the use of the Intensity meter. When selecting two teams in Play Now, the rivalry between two teams is represented by the presence of a Rivalry Game icon. As mentioned above, when two rival teams matchup the game intensity begins at red (the highest level) making the game a tough, high pressure matchup from the opening tip.