Jackson Ellis

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Jackson Ellis
Jackson Ellis.png
Jackson Ellis at the Rookie Showcase.
Full Name Jackson Ellis
Role Rival Player
Shoe Rep
Age 23
Height Varies
Weight Varies
College UCLA
Position Varies
Number 99
Rivals NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER
Actor Will Blagrove
Games NBA 2K14
NBA 2K15
NBA 2K16
NBA 2K17
NBA 2K18 (Mentioned)

Jackson Ellis is a character in NBA 2K's MyCAREER mode. He is a major character and the rival of the player character in NBA 2K14, and has a recurring role as a minor character in subsequent games.

Background & Character[edit]

Jackson Ellis is introduced as a fellow Draft prospect, and the rival of the NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER character. He is brash, arrogant, and supremely confident in his abilities. He is extremely antagonistic towards the player character, though he will show some humility and offer to bury the hatchet if he is outperformed. Ellis played his college ball at UCLA.

Ellis' position and physical attributes vary according to the user's choices. He will always play the same position as the player character, and have a suitable height and weight. This is achieved through the inclusion of five different versions of Ellis in the game - one for each position - and is done to ensure that the players stand roughly eye-to-eye in cutscenes, and always match up against one another on the court.

In NBA 2K14[edit]

Ellis serves as an antagonist in the story of NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode, being another promising rookie prospect. He confronts the player character in the tunnel before the Rookie Showcase, where their past rivalry is briefly touched upon. The player character has the option of responding angrily to his remarks, or keeping a cool head.

From here, the story revolves around the rivalry and each player's attempt to outdo one another, from which player gets drafted first to which player scores more points in their first meeting, and even a rooftop one-on-one game if the player character wins the Rookie of the Year award. Both players also compete for endorsement deals. Each encounter with Ellis includes a conversation, with both a confrontational and non-confrontational option.

If the player character outperforms Jackson Ellis and wins a championship first, he'll admit that they are the better player, and offer to end the rivalry. The player character can accept the offer, or reject it to allow the rivalry to continue and throw further fuel on the fire.

In Subsequent Games[edit]

Jackson Ellis has continued to make appearances in MyCAREER mode in subsequent games. While the specific events of NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode do not have an impact on future games, Ellis does remain a part of the mode's canon, albeit in an off-court role after it's established that a serious injury ultimately put an end to his career before it could really get going. Despite this, his personality remains unchanged, as he is as brash and cocky as ever. In NBA 2K15, he has become a representative for Nike and Jordan. He tries to get the player character to grovel in order to get a shoe contract, though the player character is able to stick to their guns and stand up to him without fear of blowing the deal.

Ellis returns as a potential connection for Freq in NBA 2K16 and Pres in NBA 2K17. Completing off day events with Ellis will earn the player his framed #99 jersey, which is displayed on the wall of their MyCOURT. Although Ellis' career was ultimately cut short, it would seem that he remains a prominent and popular personality in the basketball world, as connecting with him in MyCAREER earns fan boosts.

He doesn't appear in person in NBA 2K18's MyCAREER mode, but is alluded to, with the Fresh Squeezed Vendor occasionally sporting a "Jackson Ellis Is My Spirit Animal" t-shirt. He returns in NBA 2K19's MyCAREER story, playing with ATM on the Greensboro Swarm.


Ellis' #99 jersey in NBA 2K17
  • Even though it did not feature the same MyCAREER mode as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version, Jackson Ellis can be found in the files of the PC version of NBA 2K14. There are five versions of him hidden in the roster, one for each position as in MyCAREER on PS4/X1. Although the announcers will refer to him by his surname, he uses a generic face and doesn't have a portrait.
  • He has a real Twitter account, which revealed his career-ending injury.