Jason Richmond

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Jason Richmond
Jason Richmond.png
Jason Richmond hosting :24
Full Name Jason Richmond
Role Journalist/Host/Author
Actor Joe Williamson
Games NBA 2K17

Jason Richmond is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. He is the host of :24.


Jason Richmond hosts a basketball program titled 24 Seconds (styled :24), named after the twenty-four second shot clock. He begins covering Pres' career when he is in college, reacting to Pres' play in a series of cutscenes. He continues to report on Pres' career in the NBA, speculating on the trade rumours involving Justice Young, and actively posting on the in-game social media. He also interviews Pres at various points during his rookie season.

Pres and Jason become friends, with Jason becoming the journalist that Pres trusts the most. As such, when Pres is fielding offers to have a book written about him late in his rookie season, he approaches Jason to write it for him. Jason, who was considering approaching Pres about the possibility of writing a book, readily agrees.