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The Jordan Challenge

The Jordan Challenge is a game mode featured in NBA 2K11. In the mode, users are able to take control of ten different versions of Michael Jordan and his teammates and play against historical opponents while completing specific challenges related to some of Jordan's most memorable games. Each version of Michael Jordan features his appropriate appearance and skillset for the season it represents with the other historical players also featuring their own signature shots, moves and tendencies. The historical teams also make use of era-specific playbooks and custom commentary will be available.


The Challenge is made up of the following games/tasks:

The Arrival[edit]

  • When: April 20, 1986. Game 2, 1st round playoffs vs. Celtics
  • Goal 1: Score 63+ points
  • Goal 2: Shoot 50%+ from the field
  • Goal 3: Dish out 6+ assists

One-liner: Jordan made his mark with this 63 point playoff game against a heavily favored Celtics team.

69 Points[edit]

  • When: March 28, 1990. Regular season game vs. Cavs
  • Goal 1: Score 69+ points
  • Goal 2: Shoot 50%+ from the field
  • Goal 3: Dish out 6+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: This time Jordan gets the win by dropping 69 points and putting a dent in the Cavaliers' playoff plans.


  • When: Any date in 1990. Regular season game vs. Hawks
  • Goal 1: Outscore Dominique
  • Goal 2: Hold Dominique under 25 Points
  • Goal 3: Dish out 5+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: Jordan and Dominique Wilkins face off in some of the all-time greatest scoring performances of the era.

Bad Boys[edit]

  • When: May 26, 1990. Game 3, Eastern Conference Finals vs. Pistons
  • Goal 1: Score 47+ points
  • Goal 2: Dish out 4+ assists
  • Goal 3: Win the game

One-liner: Jordan showed the Pistons and the world that no defensive strategy could stop him for long.

1991 NBA Finals[edit]

  • When: June 2 thru June 12, 1991 vs. Lakers
  • Goal 1: Average 31.0+ points
  • Goal 2: Shoot 55%+ from the field
  • Goal 3: Average 11+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the series

One-liner: Jordan silenced the doubters by coming back from a game one embarrassment to thrash the Lakers in these Finals.

The Shrug[edit]

  • When: June 3, 1992. Game 1, 1st round playoffs vs. Blazers
  • Goal 1: Score 35+ points in the first half
  • Goal 2: Make 6+ threes in the first half
  • Goal 3: Hold Drexler to under 20 points
  • Goal 4: Win the Game

One-liner: Just to prove a point, Jordan sets the tone for the series by dominating the first half of this first Finals game.

Double Nickel[edit]

  • When: March 18, 1995. Regular season game vs. Knicks
  • Goal 1: Score 55+ points
  • Goal 2: Shoot 55%+ from the field
  • Goal 3: Dish out 2+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: After a stint with the bat, Jordan returns to New York to tear up the Knicks for 55 points and an unforgettable pass.

Father's Day Victory[edit]

  • When: June 16, 1996. Game 6, 1996 Finals (last game of series as Bulls won 4-2) vs. Sonics
  • Goal 1: Score 22+ points
  • Goal 2: Grab 9+ rebounds
  • Goal 3: Dish out 7+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: Michael ran the table over the entire league but this fourth title would prove to be just as special as his first.

The Flu Game[edit]

  • When: June 11, 1997. Game 5, 1997 Finals vs. Jazz
  • Goal 1: Score 38+ points
  • Goal 2: Grab 7+ rebounds
  • Goal 3: Dish out 5+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: A very ill Jordan still manages to both dominate the game and hit the winning shot in the last seconds of the game.

Michael's Last Dance[edit]

  • When: June 14, 1998. Game 6, 1998 Finals vs. Jazz
  • Goal 1: Score 45+ points
  • Goal 2: Get 4+ steals
  • Goal 3: Dish out 1+ assists
  • Goal 4: Win the game

One-liner: With one final resounding shot, Jordan seals both his legacy and the fate of the Jazz's championship hopes.

Historical Teams[edit]

As a result of the inclusion of The Jordan Challenge, the following teams will be immediately playable in all modes in NBA 2K11. Due to licensing issues, most teams only include real players in their starting lineups with generic fictional players rounding out the benches.

  • 1985-86 Chicago Bulls
  • 1985-86 Boston Celtics
  • 1989-90 Chicago Bulls
  • 1989-90 Atlanta Hawks
  • 1989-90 Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 1989-90 Detroit Pistons
  • 1990-91 Chicago Bulls
  • 1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers
  • 1991-92 Chicago Bulls
  • 1991-92 Portland Trailblazers
  • 1994-95 Chicago Bulls
  • 1994-95 New York Knicks
  • 1995-96 Chicago Bulls
  • 1995-96 Seattle Supersonics
  • 1996-97 Chicago Bulls
  • 1996-97 Utah Jazz
  • 1997-98 Chicago Bulls
  • 1997-98 Utah Jazz


Users may select the difficulty when playing games in the Jordan Challenge, however the quarter length is restricted to eight minutes. This has drawn criticism from some players who feel that the shorter quarter lengths do not allow enough time to reach some of the stats required to beat certain challenges.


Successfully completing the Jordan Challenge unlocks a new career mode, MJ: Creating a Legend. The mode can also be unlocked prior to completing all the challenges via a cheat code.


Screenshots of Michael Jordan in action in NBA 2K11: