Justice Young

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Justice Young
Justice young nuggets.png
Justice Young on the Denver Nuggets.
Full Name Justice Young
Role Teammate
Age 22
Height 6'2"
Weight 195 lbs
College Seton Hall
Position Guard
Number 4 (If Available)
Family/Friends Pres
Denver Levins
Coach Brubaker
Xavier Cross
Actor Michael B. Jordan
Games NBA 2K17

Justice Young is a character in NBA 2K17's MyCAREER mode. He forms the duo "Orange Juice" with player character Pres, and is also playable once the Orange Juice controls are activated. He is portrayed by actor Michael B. Jordan.

Background & Biography[edit]

Justice Young spent four years at Seton Hall before being taken in the second round of the 2016 NBA Draft. He is characterised as a determined and competitive player, "first to arrive, last to leave" when it comes to practice sessions. He is originally a little standoffish with Pres, somewhat resenting the attention that he receives, but later forms a friendship with him on and off the court.

NBA Career[edit]

Despite a rocky start, Young forms a friendship with Pres and the two plan on becoming the NBA's next great duo. While watching old highlights of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Young coins the moniker "Orange Juice" for the duo, explaining that they "put the squeeze" on their opponents. The nickname soon becomes popular, and is often referenced by the commentators, and Coach Brubaker. This also unlocks dual player controls, as the user is able to give Young commands, or switch control to him upon "activating Orange Juice".

Early on in the season, there are rumours that Young might be traded. Pres is vocal in his support of his teammate, and the trade rumours eventually fizzle, as the team decides to continue building around their young duo. He is also friends with teammate Denver Levins, and expresses concern to Pres when he can't contact Denver at one point.

After their rookie season, Pres and Justice discuss their future, and agree that they want to keep playing together. As such, if the user decides to sign with another team before their second season, Justice will also sign with them.


  • Despite being referred to as a second round pick, Young's player card lists him as being undrafted.
  • Young tends to level up quicker than Pres, very quickly becoming an 80+ Overall player.
  • He is promoted to the starting lineup at the same time as Pres, and will always be on the floor with him. However, he may end up earning more minutes than Pres in the rotation.
  • Although he is characterised as a gym rat, it's not uncommon to beat him to the practice arena, or see him leave before you're finished.
  • If Pres is a point guard, he will assume the shooting guard role. Otherwise, he will be a point guard.
  • Young's default jersey number seems to be #4, but he will choose another number if it is unavailable. He tends to pick the next available number, but has also been known to select lower numbers if they're available.
  • If the user requests a trade, it is possible to request that Justice Young is also included. As noted above, he also joins Pres on his new team if he signs elsewhere in the offseason of 2017.