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LIVE Run is an online game mode introduced in NBA Live 16, and one of the two modes that make up LIVE Pro-Am (the other being Summer Circuit). It is a revamped version of NBA Live 10's adidas Live Run, in which up to ten players on ten consoles can take part in pickup games using their Rising Star players. Games take place at the same venues that appear in LIVE Pro-Am, and games are played under the same rules: first to 21, with no fouls, and no "win by two" rule.


The following venues are available in LIVE Run in NBA Live 16:

Venue Location Notes
Hoop Dome Toronto, ON
Seattle Pacific University Seattle, WA
Brooklyn Park Brooklyn, NY
Kezar Pavilion San Francisco, CA
Rucker Park Harlem, NY
Venice Beach Los Angeles, CA
Terminal 23 New York, NY
Margaret Hie Ding Lin Chicago, IL Added in patch 1.04