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Looking to sign a Legend
The Legends Pool is a special team featured in the NBA Live series containing legendary players. Players can be transferred from the Legends Pool to normal NBA teams and back again, however players that are not designated as Legends cannot be moved into the Legends Pool. In the PC versions of NBA Live, this is simply achieved by modifying a player's ISHISTORIC attribute in players.dbf to True. Players that are tagged as Legends cannot be released into the Free Agent pool and must have their ISHISTORIC attribute set to False if a user wishes to make them available in Dynasty Mode as a free agent.


The Legends Pool first appeared in NBA Live 2000, the first game in the series to feature officially licensed legendary players. As certain players have been trimmed from the roster of Legends due to a lack of likeness rights, the Legends Pool has also thinned. As Legends do not appear in the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of NBA Live, those games do not include a Legends Pool.

Legends are signed and released the same way as normal free agents, with the user being able to toggle between the Free Agent Pool and Legends Pool while using the Sign and Release Players function.