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Momentum refers to two different aspects of NBA Live: player momentum and game momentum.

Player Momentum[edit]

Player momentum is an aspect of the game that is intended to give the virtual players a physical presence. The concept attempts to emulate realistic human movement by not allowing players running at full sprint to come to an immediate stop. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of NBA Live have expanded this concept with the use of Foot Planting Technology.

Game Momentum[edit]

Game Momentum Meter
Game momentum, introduced in NBA Live 07, represents the flow of the game. If a team continues to make baskets and defensive stops the momentum will swing in their favour allowing their players to play with more confidence while their opponents will be back on their heels. A team can disrupt the momentum by making stops of their own or turning the tide of the game back in their favour, as well as calling a timeout to try and put an end to their opponent's run.

As a team gains momentum, a momentum bar consisting of red dashes will be briefly displayed near the scoreboard underneath the team's logo. A greater number of red dashes indicates that the momentum is firmly in the team's favour. Although momentum does not grant a team superhuman abilities it does provide them with an advantage particularly in an intense game.