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MyLEAGUE & MyGM Title Screen in NBA 2K17

MyLEAGUE is a game mode in the NBA 2K series, which made its debut in NBA 2K15. It is a multi-season franchise mode similar to MyGM, but whereas MyGM is more RPG-driven, MyLEAGUE aims to be more of a sandbox experience. It is therefore a little closer in approach to its predecessor, Association, but with far more flexibility and customisation options. Users are not only in control of front office tasks and team management, but can also play games (as well as simulate them), with the mode running up to 80 seasons.

MyLEAGUE includes several sliders, not only for customising gameplay, but also to tweak frequencies and AI related to team management and front office tasks. Unlike MyGM, it does not utilise Virtual Currency. In NBA 2K16, the ability to re-brand and re-locate teams was added, with no need for owner approval as in MyGM.

League expansion was added in NBA 2K17, with users given the option of starting with the current league, a league with up to six expansion teams, or a completely custom league. Expansion drafts with player protection are included, as well as schedule creation tools, and other options. The game includes pre-configured assets for expansion teams, and users can also share their own creations through community uploads. The ability to start a new game on the current date during the NBA season has also been added.

NBA 2K17 also introduced the concept of rule changes during the offseason, which all of the teams vote on, though users are able to disable or veto them. Changes include the shot clock length, the time required to advance the ball into the frontcourt, the number of players selected for the All-Star Game, and much more. Trades may now happen throughout the offseason, though the December 15th rule is in effect. Advanced stat tracking has also been added, in addition to pick protections, jersey number retirements, team rivalries, and additional free agent clauses. It is also now easier to change control of teams during a MyLEAGUE game. Uniform updates that are pushed through during the season will also be accessible without having to start a new MyLEAGUE game.