NBA 2K11 Codes

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This is a list of codes for NBA 2K11 by 2K Sports. To enter the codes, select Features from the main menu, then Extras, then Codes.

Code Effect
icanbe23 Unlock MJ: Creating a Legend without completing the Jordan Challenge
2ksports Unlock the 2K Sports team
2kchina Unlock the 2K China team
payrespect Unlock the ABA Ball
vcteam Unlock the VC team
ronoilnm Unlock alternate jerseys for the Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Hornets. Please note that this code does not work with the PC version of the game.
wydololoh Unlock the 2011 East and West All-Star jerseys.
SPRITEDUNK1 Unlocks the "Orange Split" dunk in the Dunk Showdown mode.
SPRITEDUNK2 Unlocks the "Spin Tommy" dunk in the Dunk Showdown mode.
SPRITEDUNK3 Unlocks the "The Villain" dunk in the Dunk Showdown mode.