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The NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER at the Rookie Showcase.
Full Name User Defined
Role Player Character
Height User Defined
Weight User Defined
College User Defined
Position User Defined
Number User Defined
Family/Friends Childhood Friend
Assistant Coach
General Manager
Rivals Jackson Ellis
Actor Mark Middleton
Games NBA 2K14

The NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER is the player character in NBA 2K14's MyCAREER mode.

Background & Biography[edit]

The NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER is a promising prospect with a dream of playing in the NBA. Securing the services of a childhood friend as their first agent, they are given an opportunity to prove their worth at the Rookie Showcase in New York, and improve their chances of being drafted. They also have a long-standing rivalry with Jackson Ellis.


The player's story begins with an opportunity to take part in the Rookie Showcase. Before the game, they have a run-in with long-time rival Jackson Ellis in the tunnel. Ellis taunts them, at which point they can respond angrily, or with a cool head. These conversation options are present in all subsequent meetings with Ellis, and set the tone for their relationship.

With their performance in the Showcase, the player makes it to the NBA. Their rivalry with Jackson Ellis is far from over however, as the two compete with each other in every way possible: which player gets picked first in the Draft, who scores the most points in their first meeting, who can secure the most lucrative endorsement deals, and so on. At one point, the rivalry comes to a head in a one-on-one game on a rooftop court.

The NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER's NBA career has a difficult start, as he is left sitting on the bench for the first couple of games. He is discouraged, but told by the Assistant Coach to keep working hard in order to earn his place on the team. When a veteran player is injured during the fourth quarter, he receives an opportunity to play, and prove his worth. From there, his journey to greatness truly begins, though he faces obstacles in the form of the rookie wall, Jackson Ellis, and even his own version of Michael Jordan's Flu Game, in which the trainer advises him against playing.

If the player outperforms Jackson Ellis and is the first player to win a championship, Ellis will admit they are the superior player and offer to make peace. The player can either accept the offer, or continue the rivalry by rejecting it. They also have an opportunity to team up with LeBron James, and leave their childhood friend for a different agent.


  • Unlike subsequent MyPLAYER protagonists, the NBA 2K14 MyPLAYER doesn't have a preset nickname.
  • When given the opportunity to team up with LeBron James, the player can either demand out and join him in Miami, or stay put and have LeBron join his team.