NBA Live 06

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NBA Live 06
NBA Live 06 cover art.
Developer(s) EA Sports
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) Windows, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Xbox, Xbox 360, Gamecube
Release date(s) PC, PS2, GC, Xbox, PSP
September 26th, 2005
Xbox 360
November 17th, 2005
System requirements Minimum:
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 1.0 GHz Intel Pentium III
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 1700 MB HD space
  • 32 MB DirectX 9.0c Compatible Video Card
  • 16x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive
  • Sound card with DirectSound support and DirectX 9.0c compatible driver
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Dual Analog GamePad (Strongly Recommended)

NBA Live 06 (also known as NBA Live 2006 or Live 06 and stylised as NBA LIVE 06) is the twelfth instalment in the NBA Live series and the first release for the Xbox 360 console. The last gen versions were released in North America on September 26th, 2005 while the Xbox 360 version was released on November 17th. The North American/English version of the game features Dwyane Wade as its cover player while Yatu Tabuse was featured on the cover in Japan, Pau Gasol graced the Spanish cover and Tony Parker appeared on the French cover. It is the direct sequel to NBA Live 2005 and was followed by NBA Live 07.


NBA Live 06 is EA Sports' NBA release for the 2005/2006 NBA season. The major addition in NBA Live 06 was Freestyle Superstars, an expansion of Freestyle Control that sought to give star players special moves that would make them a bigger threat in the hands of the user as well as the CPU. While Freestyle Superstars (usually referred to as FSS) was not unpopular, many felt it was a little too powerful with Superstar moves often being virtually unstoppable. EA Sports would attempt to rectify the problem in NBA Live 07. NBA Live 06 PC was heavily patched by the community and is the focus of the NBA Live PC Project.

As the first NBA Live released for a seventh generation console, NBA Live 06 for the Xbox 360 was met with mixed reviews. The main criticism was the lack of game modes as the Xbox 360 version did not feature Dynasty Mode. EA Sports would later reveal this decision was made to avoid porting outdated code, with the intention of rebuilding Dynasty Mode from scratch and reintroducing it in NBA Live 07.

Official Features List[edit]

  • Freestyle Superstars: You are in control of the top NBA stars, performing like their real-life counterparts based on distinct character types, including Power, Playmaker, Stopper and more.
  • Authentic 5-on-5 Gameplay: The all-new animation system helps to visually present the up-tempo, fast-break brand of basketball that makes the NBA thrive. Also featured, is an improved transition game and a more physical brand of play with collisions and dunked-on scenarios.
  • New Player Visuals: A new graphics engine now has player models not only playing and acting like their real life counterparts, but looking the part with striking detail and realism.
  • The Voices of the NBA: Joining Marv Albert is new color commentator and former NBA star Steve Kerr. The on-air TV partners call the 5-on-5 action, while Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith bring their own unique flavor to the Slam Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout.
  • NBA All-Star Weekend: NBA All-Star Weekend is better than ever as it allows users to create new jaw-dropping dunks in the Slam Dunk Contest. Also featuring the 3-Point Shootout, Rookie Challenge and NBA All-Star Game, All-Star Weekend is available as a stand-alone game mode as well as within Dynasty mode.
  • EA SPORTS Online: Users can play online with the PlayStation®2 and Xbox LIVE™ against opponents from anywhere in North America.

Noteworthy Facts[edit]

  • To date, Dwyane Wade is the only player to appear alone on the NBA Live cover and win the championship in the same year. The 2006 NBA Champion Miami Heat also featured two other former cover players in Shaquille O'Neal (NBA Live 96) and Antoine Walker (NBA Live 99).
  • NBA Live 06 saw the debut of Freestyle Superstars as a further expansion of Freestyle Control.
  • The first game to feature the commentary team of Marv Albert and Steve Kerr.

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