NBA Live 06 DUNKPACK Values

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The following is chart of DUNKPACK (Dunk Package) values used in NBA Live 06's DBF files.


Value Dunks & Layups
0 Layups only, no dunks
1 Layups only, no dunks
2 Limited range of one and two handed dunks
3 Layups only, no dunks
4 Mostly basic dunks with a couple of flashy dunks
5 Slightly wider range of basic one and two handed dunks
6 Mostly power dunks with some flashy slams
7 One handed dunks (suitable for guards)
8 Power dunks
9 Dunks for more athletic players; includes gliding dunks, some flashy dunks
10 Similar to 9 but with less gliding dunks
11 Athletic power dunks for big men
12 Dunks for athletic big men, some more flashy/finesse dunks
13 Dunks for athletic big men, includes a few more flashy dunks
14 One handed dunks and layups
15 Flashy, powerful and athletic big forward dunks
16 Athletic, flashy, mostly power dunks for swingmen
17 Shaquille O'Neal Suite: Powerful one and two handed dunks
18 Athletic and flashy power dunks
19 Air Jordan/Doctor J dunks, as well as other high flyers
20 Similar to 19 but with less flair
21 Big man flashy dunks suite