NBA Live 07 Jersey Editing

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This tutorial was originally posted by stalker in the NLSC Forum.


This tutorial applies to the following games:

The Guide

Jersey Editing

  1. Copy a viv file from sgsm\uniform and paste it on a newly created folder.
  2. Extract the VIV contents. There are 3 ways of extracting it.
    1. DOLFFIN Live
    2. BigGUI
    3. EAZip (to use it, open notepad and type this (eazip -E *viv *.*) and save it as a .bat file)
  3. Open ****home/****away.fash with FshX.
  4. Import the jersey texture you wish to replace.
  5. Save the FSH and you have a working jersey.

Number Editing

  1. Open the number fsh file by using FshX tool. export it as DDS file.
  2. You need a DDS plug-in tool from nvidia u could use google to look for it.
  3. After editing the desired number fonts and colors. always leave the background blank/transparent.
  4. Save it as DDS with a DXT-1 compression. (06 and 05 use DXT3).
  5. Import it on the fsh using FshX.
  6. Save the FSH file and u will have a working number. problem now is the positioning.

Positioning Guide

  1. You need Hex Workshop to do this. Pay attention to this as this is the tricky part.
  2. In order to success you have to try and look for the desired position. Open the file ****home/****away.fsh with Hex Workshop.
  3. Adjust the offset on what you see on this picture.


Now adjust the hex codes according to this image.


Use the Hex Workshop base converter to get the decimal value of the hexcode.


By adjusting the offset you need to count the offset values or decimal places, or just count the first zeroes.