NBA Live 07 Location.dbf Editing Guide

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The following is guide to the values in Location.dbf for NBA Live 07. A question mark indicates the exact function of the field is unknown.


Field Description
DELETED All columns should have False for this field.
LOCATIONID Corresponds to field in teams.dbf
CITY City name
STATE State's two letter abbreviation
STADIUM Stadium/Arena Name
LOLOCATION Stadium/Arena Name used when selecting arena in Exhibition Mode
SHOTCLOCK Shotclock Model
STADMODEL Stadium Model
WOOD Wood Colour
CRWDCOLAR Crowd Colour A - Red
CRWDCOLAG Crowd Colour A - Green
CRWDCOLAB Crowd Colour A - Blue
CRWDCOLBR Crowd Colour B - Red
CRWDCOLBG Crowd Colour B - Green
CRWDCOLBB Crowd Colour B - Blue
STADABR4 Four character art file abbreviation (eg atla, bost, etc)