NBA Live 08 SCOREAREA Values

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The following is chart of SCOREAREA (Scoring Area) values used in NBA Live 08's DBF files. Scoring Area refers to the way in which a player prefers to score, and where his "sweet spots" on the court will be. Thanks to Timothy Smith for the original SCOREAREA values reference guide.


Value Position Style (Examples)
2 G Mostly perimeter (Derek Anderson, Raja Bell)
4 C/F Some post play with a midrange game (PJ Brown, Kurt Thomas)
5 G/F Mostly midrange and threes (Bruce Bowen, Brent Barry)
6 G Slashers with an outside shot (Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups)
7 G/F Multitalented wing players (Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady)
9 C/F Post-up players (Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin Garnett)
10 F/C Big men with long range (Rasheed Wallace, Donyell Marshall)