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The following is a list of frequently asked questions about NBA Live 09. If you would like to ask a question to be added to this list, please use the Discussion page.


Was NBA Live 09 available for the PC?

No, NBA Live 09 is a console only release. It was announced on April 8th, 2008 that there would not be a PC version of NBA Live 09, following an announcement that Madden 09 would also not be released on PC DVD-ROM.

Why wasn't NBA Live 09 released for the PC?

EA Sports have cited "serious business challenges" as the reason the PC versions of NBA Live 09 and Madden 09 were dropped, with the speculation that sales figures, piracy and Next Gen ports top the list of said challenges. A re-evauluation of the platform was also mentioned, which many hoped would indicate a return to PC as soon as NBA Live 10. Unfortunately that will not be the case as NBA Live 10 is again slated to be a console only release.

Will NBA Live return to the PC?

As of August 2020, it is unknown if NBA Live will ever return to the PC platform. EA's Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2010 Report seems to indicate that NBA Live 11 will once again be a console and handheld only release.

Where are the Legends?

It was announced in a Q&A on the official NBA Live 08 website that NBA Live 09 will not include any legendary players. No specifics have been given but licensing difficulties are the likely cause for their absence.

Do I have to pay for NBA Live 365?

Not if you buy the game new. All new copies of the game include an activation code for the NBA Live 365 service, courtesy of sponsor T-Mobile. However, if you buy the game used you will need to purchase a subscription seperately, either from a local game retailer or through the Xbox Live Marketplace or Playstation Store.

Please note that updates and all other online services for NBA Live 09 have been discontinued.