NBA Live 10 Bug List

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The following is a list of bugs found in the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of NBA Live 10.

When editing this list, please keep in mind that ratings you disagree with or missing features that are not advertised as being part of the game are not bugs.

Bugs unfixed in NBA Live 10[edit]

  • Players do not get injured. Hard contact is mentioned in commentary but players are not forced to leave the game nor suffer any ill effects in subsequent Dynasty games.
  • Selecting the "Starting 5" option when making substitutions does not have any effect; the current/pending lineup remains intact.
  • Simulated stats in Dynasty Mode. Star players and other starters don't play enough minutes and several stars are not producing stats that are close to being realistic (eg Dwight Howard averaging 8 points and 9 rebounds per game).
  • Weird lighting issues with certain player hairstyles
  • Players are able to step out of bounds with getting called for a violation (more often done by the CPU).
  • Random lock-ups during gameplay
  • Replays not triggering properly
  • All but one replay unavailable to watch again in the post-game Replays menu

Bugs known to be fixed[edit]

  • Points not counting on goaltending calls

Known DIY Fixes[edit]

Disabling the replay buffer under visual settings appears to be a viable workaround for the replay/lock-up issues.