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This is a list of official patches (also referred to as title updates) that have been released for NBA Live 16, along with their release notes. The most recent patch is 1.06, released on February 11th, 2016.

Patch 1.06 (February 11th, 2016)[edit]

  • New All-Star court and jerseys
  • New Live Season content
  • Bug and stability fixes

Patch 1.05 (December 18th, 2015)[edit]

  • 120 new Stance socks in Create Player
  • Stability and bug fixes

Patch 1.04 (November 24th, 2015)[edit]


  • New Content: Margaret Hie Ding Lin court (LIVE Run) - Trial and Full Game
  • New Content: Margaret Hie Ding Lin court (Summer Circuit) - Full Game Only
  • Over 170 new tops, bottoms, accessories, and shoes
  • 48 new hairstyles
  • New Randy Harris tattoos
  • More than 25 new player scans
  • Over 250 bug fixes and improvements

Full Patch Notes[edit]

Gameplay Fixes

  • Improved rebound input response time
  • Added more rebound animations to help with timing and coverage
  • Improved failed rebound animations
  • Made it easier to perform spin layups.
  • Reduced sliding and warping for inside shots and layups. Also improved animation selection.
  • Shot percentage tuning for mid range and 3 point shots
  • Added a greater fatigue affect for shooting.
  • Improved loose ball responsiveness for steals/rebounds and blocked shots
  • Sizing up on the perimeter for a longer duration will now trigger isolations
  • Improved transition play after turnovers
  • Fixed rare issues with double dribbles from post up and unders
  • Improved catch animation selection for players in transition
  • Improved help defense when scoring from the post
  • Improved on ball defense facing logic to help cut off dribble penetration
  • Fixed a rare case where players warp across the court after a change of possession
  • Fixed rare cases where players hands wouldn't connect with the rim properly
  • Fixed rare issues with ball warping when passing
  • Summer Circuit AI alley-oop pass logic improvements
  • Addressed rare miss catches in the post
  • Fixed issues where pump fakes would over-rotate the players facing
  • Fixed rare issue where players would not face the basket when performing a jump shot [/list]

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Blocked Shot not counting for "Contest" objectives
  • Fixed gear display issues in Pro-Am lobby
  • Host now defaulted to “Start Game” in the Lobby of Pro-Am games
  • Fixed issue where Rising Star does not play the correct amount of minutes when the earned time is over thirty minutes
  • Fixed issue when viewing the post game wrap up in Ultimate Team, skipping through any point would occasionally cause a black background
  • Fixed issue where soaking in Pro AM Screens will occasionaly show online friends as offline
  • Improved detection of Contested Shots in the Paint
  • Fixed Brooklyn Nets road jersey not being in the correct tops menu when the user selects the PRO-AM outfits in the Gear Shop.
  • Inconsistent lighting for player avatar in summer circuit/live run lobbies adjusted
  • Added "Good Defense" event for stopping an inside shot via a collision
  • Improved stability if the fifth and fourth users leave a live run lobby just before the timer expires
  • Fixed Lobby host changes in persistent sessions
  • It is no longer possible to change your Play Style after becoming receiving the Superstar designation.
  • Fixed framerate drop when User B constrains the title in a H2H game.
  • Fixed occasional loud crowd cheer while playing in OKC
  • Enabled standing crowd animation stream(s) for ProAm Venues
  • Improved Pro-Am stability
  • Fixed Dynasty salary cap restrictions issue
  • Fixed issue where the rising star is told to guard someone else, but gets penalized when the original opponent that was guarded makes a shot in Rising Star mode
  • Fixed issue where Rising Star is not in the starting lineup when the Star becomes a 'STARTER' and enters a game in Rising Star mode
  • Tuned penalty for passing up shots
  • Pro-Am: Added link to Skills Progression from lobby
  • Improved Content Update stability
  • Fixed parts of the geo blocking the camera in Terminal 23
  • Fixed black texture where an exit sign should be in the Seattle Pacific University arena
  • Addressed Summer Circuit AI Alley Oop tuning
  • Fixed issue where the stanchion poles and clock do not turn invisible in SPU venue
  • Fixed issues with the Activity Feed
  • Fixed issue with blocks going back to offense too much
  • Fixed issue where help defense fails to react in time from a successful post move
  • Fixed standing crowd popping in game
  • Fixed issue when on an interception or steal the AI ball handler goes into a one off animation when they have an advantage
  • Fixed issue when playing a Summer Circuit game in Brooklyn Park with another User the Pre game NIS only showed 4 Players coming onto the court
  • Fixed intermittent periods of not seeing lobby avatar images in the Pro-Am lobby
  • Fixed “Make an Assisted Shot” not triggering when completing an alley oop, layup or dunk in Summer Circuit
  • Re-ordered the position slots in the lobby to be PG, SG, SF, PF, C
  • Implemented new generic facial animation
  • Fixed a soft lock that occurred when accepting an invite to a Summer Circuit lobby that is currently full
  • Fixed issue when an opponent select the quit and count option in an Ultimate Team H2H game

Patch 1.03 (October 15th, 2015)[edit]


  • Addressed an issue in which users we not receiving Content Updates after being disconnected from the EA Servers, causing them to desync with users in Online game modes.
  • Improved game stability


  • Addressed the delay in Summer Circuit that was seen when users were in single player game sessions. Users should now see a significant reduction in delay within single player Summer Circuit games.[/list]


  • Addressed the issues with missing graphics and UI when jumping into a Rising Star simulated game.

Patch 1.02 (October 1st, 2015)[edit]

  • Minor bug fixes

Patch 1.01 (September 24th, 2015)[edit]


  • General stability improvements to correct desync.
  • Hoop Dome objective unlock update.
  • Fixed issue where users aren’t given certain achievements in Summer Circuit.
  • Addressed Matchmaking issue where users were unable to find opponent in H2H.
  • Addressed general functionality issues.
  • View Skills adjustment in LIVE Run to match actual Skill Levels.
  • Addressed issue where player avatars are not showing up in the lobbies when users join a Pro-AM lobby.


  • Addressed softlock when trying to play Tip Off after accessing Playbooks.


  • Modify stepback gather inputs to avoid conflict with spin gather.
  • Enabled pump fakes on inside shots.
  • Fix for AI not completing up and under sequence.
  • General emotion tuning for more variety.
  • Handoff indicator tuning.
  • Animation adjustments to backdown and denial catches.
  • Corrected incorrect defensive indicator colors to display during gameplay.