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The following is a list of Xbox Live Achievements that can be attained in the Xbox One version of NBA Live 16. There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 Gamerscore points to be earned.

Achievement Requirement Achievement Points
One Small Step... Complete a Game in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM. 15
Tactical Signing Complete a Game with a SHORT TERM player in NBA LIVE Ultimate Team. 15
Top Men Build an NBA LIVE Ultimate Team where all players have an OVR rating of 78 or over.. 30
Building Blocks Complete Level 1 of the GM List in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM. 30
Task Master Complete Level 2 of the GM List in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE TEAM. 60
The Highest Form of Flattery Reconstruct Any NBA Team in NBA LIVE ULTIMATE Team. 30
50 for 50 Complete 50 Fantasy Challenge games in NBA LIVE Ultimate Team. 70
Get Connected Play an Online Head to Head Game. 15
Call the News Make a trade for a player that is over 90 overall in Dynasty. 15
Proven Winner Win a Championship in Dynasty or Rising Star. 90
Mr. Popularity Make the All-Star Team in Rising Star Mode. 15
Best in the League Win the MVP in Rising Star Mode. 30
We are LIVE Complete a Big Moment challenge within 24hrs of it being posted. 20
Big Money Earn a Total Challenge Score of at least 4000. 30
Yoink! Get a steal out of a successful double team. 15
Hypnotized Size up an opponent one on one and then drive to score. 15
Ya Gotta be Coachable Successfully execute a recommended play that ends in a score. 15
Gotta hand it to you Complete 5 handoff passes in a single game. 15
No No No Block a Dunk. 30
A little help from your friends Use pick and roll that leads to a score. 30
Buckets Have at least one player shoot 100% from behind the arc (min 10 attempts). 30
Oop There it is Complete 3 Alley-oops in a game. 30
Centurion Have at least one player score 100 points. 100
Fundamentalist Complete a Drill in NBA LIVE Learn Live. 20
Beginner's Luck Win a Summer Circuit game at any Venue. 15
Domination Earn 3-Stars in a Summer Circuit game at any venue. 30
My House Earn 3-Stars in every game at any Summer Circuit venue. 30
Taking Over Earn 3-Stars in every game at any 5 Summer Circuit venues. 70
#RiseTogether Win a LIVE Run game. 20
Tha HoopGawd? Create your NBA LIVE 16 Player. 10
Substance Change your player's Jump Shot. 15
Style Purchase an item in the Create a Player Store. 15
Tha HoopGawd. Obtain an 85 or higher OVR rating for your Created Player. 30


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