NBA Live 2000 Rookie Strengths

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This is a list of strengths used for generated rookie scouting reports in Franchise Mode. If you are adding players to the rookie pool so that they may be drafted at the end of the season, you can assign strengths by entering the relevant value into the ROOKSTR1, ROOKSTR2 and ROOKSTR3 fields. Please note this listing is incomplete.


Strength ID
No major strengths -1
Blank space -2
Accurate shooter 2
Able to shoot mid-range jumper 16
Nice touch on the outside 17
Good perimeter scorer 26
Deadly mid-range shooter 28
Passes with X-Ray vision 38
A threat from downtown 65
Able to hit the open three 67
Reliable on threes 72
Able to hit the open trey 75
Makes opponents pay from free throw line 87
Outstanding at free throw line 92
Reliable on Free Throws 95
Consistent from the line 97
Shoots well from the charity stripe 98
Solid free throw shooter 105
Strong free throw shooter 113
Rock solid at the free throw line 116
Explosive dunker 120
Can dunk in traffic 130
Gets his share of jams 136
Can finish above the rim 138
Likes to dunk 140
Dunks well in transition 144
Can get above the rim 146
Comes up with a lot of steals 179
Gets his share of steals 186
Knocks a lot of balls loose on D 187
A threat to lead NBA in steals 190
Anticipates in passing lanes 195
Wreaks havoc on passing lanes 199
Long arms make him a great shot blocker 201
Helps teammates out with shot blocking 202
Blocks a lot of shots 209
Patrols lane with bad intentions 210
Intimidating shot blocker 211
Alters opponents shots 218
Can help with shot blocking 219
Supreme shot blocker 220
Competes well on the glass 242
Wants every rebound 249
Helps out on the glass 256
Battles away on the glass 259
Passes well out of double teams 289
Finds teammates for easy baskets 290
Can make the tough pass 297
Good at feeding the post 305
Can drive and dish 307
Fuels offense with passes 311
Gets his big men the ball 314
Distributes ball wall 315
Uncanny ability to see the floor 316
Makes good decisions 321
Approached game like a seasoned pro 334
Is a good team player 339
Good basketball IQ 341
Good grasp of fundamentals 342
Good shot selection 345
Moves well without the ball 346
Team-orientated on offense 347
Excellent leader 353
Controls offensive flow 355
Artist on offense 358
Good team defender 360
Works hard on defense 370
Well schooled defensively 377
Good speed for a big man 401
Gets up and down the floor 410
Likes to score on the break 411
Looks to get out on break 417
Can run all night long 419
Makes effort running 427
Can play at high tempo 433
Good end to end speed 434
Thrives in a running game 435
Maintains control under high speeds 437
Surprisingly nimble 443
Quick feet inside 450
Creative offensive player 354
Good lateral movement 456
Has good quickness 459
Decent first step 464
Covers ground on his first step 473
Has waterbug-type quickness 476
Good lateral quickness 486
Good athletic ability 496
Uses jumping ability well 505
Jumping put to good use 506
Dominates opponents off the dribble 558
Rock solid commitment to physical fitness 572
Ankle breaking freak 549
Reacts well to pressure 555
Absolute powerhouse 566
Tosses weight around 569
Won't shy from contact 570
Has a pro body 576
Won't get tossed around 577
Powerfully built 585
Worked to build body 593
Doesn't get pushed around 595
Scores well in the low post 640
Tough low post player 642
Finishes well inside 643
Arsenal of low post moves 649
Can make tough shot inside 650
Overpowers opponents in low post 652
Scoring machine in low post 655
Effective in low post 656
Solid low post game 657
Can take his man inside 658
Dominates low post 660
Good post-up player 664
Punishes smaller guards inside 671
Strong finisher around the hoop 672
Takes ball hard to the basket 673
Incredible touch around the hoop 679
Height an asset 731
Height should be advantageous 745