NBA Live 2000 Rookie Weaknesses

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This is a list of weaknesses used for generated rookie scouting reports in Franchise Mode. If you are adding players to the rookie pool so that they may be drafted at the end of the season, you can assign weaknesses by entering the relevant value into the ROOKWEAK1, ROOKWEAK2 and ROOKWEAK3 fields. Please note this listing is incomplete.


Weakness ID
No major weaknesses -1
Blank space -2
Not a threat from the outside 1
Just not a good shooter 4
No perimeter game whatsoever 5
Unable to hit open shots from mid-range 13
Lays bricks from outside 8 feet 14
Jumpshot inaccurate 15
Should not be allowed to shoot the three 18
No touch from the outside 21
Opponents don't respect his jumpshot 34
No threat on three pointers 37
Not effective on three pointers 58
No three point shot whatsoever 61
No need to guard him on the outside 63
Poor three point shot for a guard 65
No need to guard his three point shot 69
Terrible from beyond the arc 70
Inconsistent from downtown 75
No three point shot whatsoever 76
Hopeless on three pointers 77
Doesn't have three point range 79
Struggles from the charity stripe 90
Needs to work on his free throws 91
Struggles mightily at the charity stripe 94
Struggles at the free throw line 96
Not a good foul shooter 98
Poor free throw shooter for a guard 107
Has problems with free throws 112
Does not pressure the ball well 184
Comes up with very few steals 190
Never comes up with loose balls 199
Disappointing as a shot blocker 201
Needs to improve shot blocking 202
Lacks shot blocking skills 203
Incapable of shot blocking 205
Unable to block many shots 210
Not a good shot blocker 211
Soft interior defender 216
Little effort on the glass 244
Can't control the glass 249
Amazingly bad rebounder for his size 253
Poor rebounder for his size 255
Runs away from rebounds 260
Rarely found on the defensive glass 269
Won't help big men on glass 270
Avoids rebounding at all costs 271
Doesn't get some rebounds he should 275
Never comes up with loose rebounds 278
Lets easy rebounds bounce on by 279
No fundamentals 325
Only cares about his own stats 326
Bad shot selection 329
Sorely lacking in offensive understanding 333
Takes bad shots 335
Prone to offensive mistakes 340
Takes terrible shots 342
Horrid shot selection 343
Amazingly bad shot selection 351
Lacking court vision 357
Can't guard a soul 364
Struggles with basic defensive concepts 367
Refuses to guard anyone 372
No effort on defense 375
Little interest in defense 377
Just doesn't care about defense 378
Doesn't care about defense 380
Is a defensive turnstile 382
Poor team defender 386
Lacks understanding on defense 387
Would be a bad defender even if he tried 390
Perennially confused at the defensive end 391
Is a defensive liability 392
No commitment to defense 395
Will be abused defensively for years 396
Consistently loses his man on defense 397
Not interested in defense 399
Has poor running habits 401
Guaranteed to finish last in a foot race 404
Absolute turtle when running 407
Not a good runner 408
Runs like a pensioner 412
Slow like molasses 413
Among slowest at his position 415
Can't play an up-tempo game 421
Beat for easy buckets in transition 422
Usually the last player down the floor 423
Left behind on the fast break 427
Lazy when running the floor 436
Unable to stay with quick forwards 457
Doesn't have a quick first step 458
Consistently beaten by quick players 461
First step is painfully slow 462
May have trouble getting a good shot off 470
His first step is no threat 477
Sorely lacking lateral quickness 480
Struggles with ball handling 545
Lacking upper body strength 572
Weak upper body 573
Gets manhandled inside 575
Needs to develop strength 576
Needs to gain strength 577
Needs to add muscle 579
Extremely weak upper body 583
Poor upper body strength 584
Can't match up against strong guards 586
Abused at both ends 591
Needs to bulk up 592
Gets pushed around 593
Needs to bulk up 596
Needs to be locked in the weight room 597
Not commited to strength conditioning 598
Suffers minor injuries 603
His durability is questionable 608
Not a very durable player 610
Won't play through minor injuries 623
Questionable durability 625
Will spend a lot of time on the IR 637
Chronic knee problems 638
History of repeated injury 639
Not a good inside scorer 649
Can't take the ball to the basket 652
No game with his back to the basket 655
Limited low post game 672
Not effective going to the basket 673
To small for his position 733
Height is a liability 752