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The NBA Live 2000 Toolkit is a tool created by Tim Tschirner and Brien Smith which allows users to easily edit values in NBA Live 2000's DBF files. It is a Microsoft Access 97 module and requires Access 97 to run. The Toolkit offers traditional roster editing functions for the selected roster files, eliminating the need to edit the raw data using database software such as DB Commander. The final version released is v0.1.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit player data including ratings, bio data, stats and other attributes
  • Edit team data including names, locations, stats and other attributes
  • Trade players and reorder rosters
  • Edit All-Star rosters
  • Edit player career stats
  • Import Statistics for players and teams


  • The Toolkit requires Microsoft Access 97; it cannot be used with later versions of Access


The Toolkit was widely used following the release of NBA Live 2000 in the creation of roster patches. With the series' continued use of DBF files, it was a preferable option to editing the values with DB Commander, often a confusing task for novices.