NBA Live 2003 DUNKPACK Values

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The following is chart of DUNKPACK (Dunk Package) values used in NBA Live 2003's DBF files.


Value Dunks & Layups
1 Nothing but layups
2 More layups. If your player has higher jumping ratings, he will perform more fancy layups.
3 Same layups as 1 and 2, but you cannot take off from further than 5 feet.
4 All of the above layups, with some dunking.
5 Two-handed power dunks, reminiscent of Charles Barkley's signature dunks.
6 An assortment of one and two-handed dunks.
7 Two-handed dunks from 4-5 feet, layups out to around 10 feet
8 Some one and two-handed dunks, mainly spinning and reverse dunks from 5-6 feet.
9 Same as 8, with layups out to around 10 feet.
10 Powerful two-handed dunks, one-handed tomahawk. Layups from 8-12 feet.
11 Dominique Wilkins signature dunks - windmills, 360s, etc.
12 Clyde Drexler signature - gliding one and two handed dunks, including free throw line
13 Patrick Ewing signature - mostly reverse dunks inside, with layups outside 6 feet.
14 Similar to 13, but without layups outside of 6 feet.
15 Hakeem Olajuwon-style big man dunks, one and two handed, maximum range 7-8 feet.
16 Air Jordan/Doctor J dunks - all dunks, including free throw line