NBA Live 2003 Teamgear.dbf Editing Guide

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The following is guide to the values in Teamgear.dbf for NBA Live 2003. A question mark indicates the exact function of the field is unknown.


Field Description
DELETED All rows should have False in this field
ID ID of entry in database.
TEAM Corresponds to team's ID - Refer to Chart
JERSEYTYPE Jersey type. Used in Select Jersey screen.

0: Home Jersey
1: Away Jersey
2: Alternate Jersey
3: Classic Jersey (Home)
4: Classic Jersey (Away)

SHPNAME Used for jersey art files

home: Home jersey
away: Away jersey
serd: Alternate jersey
cl01: Classic jersey
prXX: Practice jersey

YEAR Year the jersey is from (eg 2002-03, 1990-91 etc)
ACCCOLOR Accessory colour. Used by "Automatic" player accessory colour setting

2: Black
3: White
4: Royal blue
5: Navy blue
6: Light green
7: Dark green
8: Light red
9: Dark red
10: Light purple
11: Dark purple
12: Teal
13: Turquoise
14: Light yellow
15: Dark yellow
16: Orange
17: Grey

SHOE Team's shoes. Used for "Automatic" player shoe setting. Ranges from 0-51.
SOCKCOLOR Team's sock colour. Used for "Automatic" player sock setting.
NECKTYPE Style of the jersey's neck.

0: Round Neck
1: V-Neck 1 (eg Hornets 2002-2003)
2: V-Neck 2 (eg Mavericks 2002-2003)
3: V-Neck 3 (eg Sixers 2002-2003)

NAMETYPE The way the player's name is displayed on the jersey

0: Name arched over number
1: Name horizontal over number