NBA Live 2003 Teaminfo.dbf Editing Guide

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The following is guide to the values in Teaminfo.dbf for NBA Live 2003. A question mark indicates the exact function of the field is unknown.


Field Description
DELETED All rows should have False in this field
ID ID of entry in database
TEAM Corresponds to team's ID - Refer to Chart
TEXT Text that is displayed in Team History. 0 for first item.


  • Each entry in the database is one line of text. This is why there is two ID numbers - one for the entry, one for the team the entry is for.
  • "%s" stands for "Present". Hence, an entry that reads "1984-%s" in the database will show up as "1984-Present" in the game.
  • Because there are two ID numbers, you can add additional entries for any team to the end of the database. The ID field must be in sequence, but the TEAM can be the ID of the team of your choice.
  • When you add a new team to the database, you do not have to make an entry in teaminfo.dbf. You must fill in the appropriate data in teams.dbf and teamgear.dbf, but teaminfo.dbf is just an extra detail.