NBA Live 2005

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NBA Live 2005
NBA Live 2005 cover art.
Developer(s) EA Sports
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Series NBA Live
Platform(s) Windows, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube
Release date(s) PS2, GC, Xbox
September 28th, 2004
October 26th, 2004
System requirements Minimum:
  • Intel Pentium III 700 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 1.8 GB HD space
  • 32 MB DirectX 9.0b compatible video card DirectX 9.0b
  • 16x CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive
  • Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
  • Sound card supporting DirectSound and DirectX 9.0b driver
  • Internet Explorer 6.01 SP1
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Dual Analog Gamepad (Strongly Recommended)

NBA Live 2005 (also known as NBA 2005 or Live 2005 and stylised as NBA LIVE 2005) is the eleventh instalment in the NBA Live series, wtih the console versions released in North America on September 28th, 2004 followed by the PC version on October 26th. Carmelo Anthony was featured as its cover player. It is the direct sequel to NBA Live 2004 and was followed by NBA Live 06.


NBA Live 2005 is EA Sports' NBA release for the 2004/2005 NBA season. It proved to be a popular release, topping a poll for favourite games in the series held in the NLSC Forum in 2007. It was reasonably popular upon its release as well, having retained gameplay sliders and introducing an expansion to Freestyle Control which allowed players greater control over their actions when rebounding as well as the ability to change their shot in midair (Freestyle Air). The PC version was once again popular with patchers and the game continues to be updated as of 2024.

A longtime wish of NBA Live fans was granted with the inclusion of All-Star Weekend Mode, which included a Three Point Shootout (previously featured in NBA Live 98-2000), Slam Dunk Contest, Rookie Challenge and the All-Star Game itself. The All-Star Game and Rookie Challenge also featured the ability to toss an alley-oop off the backboard, a feature not available in regular five-on-five gameplay. The PC version also allowed users to view boxscores from the last three days in Dynasty Mode as well as export them as text files.

Official Features List[edit]

  • EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Air: All-new jams, jaw-dropping alley-oops, and adjustable mid-air lay-ups and dunks. On defense, own the paint by taking more control over shot blocking.
  • NBA All-Star Weekend: From slam-dunk competitions to 3-point shootouts, prove yourself in each electrifying All-Star event.
  • New Graphics Engine: Increased resolution of player faces, jerseys, shorts, skins, and tattoos.
  • EA SPORTS™ Freestyle Control: Hit the court runnin’ with a collection of brand new moves that puts even more control in your hands.
  • 10-Man Freestyle: Authentic plant-and-cut animations, backdoor cut scenarios, new in-air collisions, box-out scenarios, and off-ball animations.
  • Deeper Dynasty Mode™: Become the architect of your own unstoppable dynasty and watch your franchise flourish for up to 25 seasons.
  • The Top Announcing Team: The voice of the NBA, Marv Albert, teams with on-air TV partner Mike Fratello to dish out the most authentic commentary available.

Noteworthy Facts[edit]

  • NBA Live 2005 saw the debut of All-Star Weekend Mode, a long anticipated feature.
  • Freestyle Control was expanded upon with the addition of Freestyle Air, which allowed players to change their shot in midair as well as choose whether to grab a rebound, attempt a tip shot or a putback dunk when crashing the offensive boards.
  • In a 2007 poll held in the NLSC Forum, NBA Live 2005 was named as the favourite game in the series, surpassing NBA Live 2000 which had long been considered the standout game.
  • An official patch was released that added the ability to save boxscores amongst other fixes.
  • Due to Mike Fratello's departure to coach the Memphis Grizzlies, this was the final game to date that featured him alongside Marv Albert on commentary.

PC Screenshots[edit]


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