NBA Live 96 Player Editor

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Screenshot in Windows XP
The NBA Live 96 Player Editor, also known as NBAEDIT, is a DOS-based utility created by Dave Zolnier that allows users to edit data in NBA Live 96. Users can modify existing players and created players alike as well as assign new players to the All-Star teams. The final released version is v3.1.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit existing player data including ratings, bio data, stats, appearance and roster position
  • Edit created players to modify normally inaccessible attributes
  • Edit All-Star rosters

The NBA Live 96 Player Editor can also be used to exceed the limits for height and weight. Using the Player Editor, a player's height can be set to a maximum of 21'3" with a maximum weight of 355 pounds.


  • Players cannot be traded, nor rosters reordered
  • Users cannot select custom NBA Live 96 executable or roster files


As a DOS-based tool, the Player Editor was more cumbersome to use than the Windows-based editor but was a useful utility due to its ability to set exceed the maximum height and weight limits, a feature that the Windows editor lacked. It remained a popular tool for NBA Live 96 roster patchers.