NBA Live 97 Editor

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NBA Live 97 Editor
The NBA Live 97 Editor is a Windows-based utility created by Tim Tschirner which allows users to edit NBA Live 97 data. It is very similar in appearance and features to the NBA Live 96 Editor (WNBAED). It can modify data in both the NBA Live 97 executable and roster files, however due to a bug in the program it is recommended users only work with an executable file unless absolutely necessary. The final released version is v1.6.

Key Features[edit]

  • Edit existing player data including ratings, bio data, stats, appearance and roster position
  • Edit created players to modify normally inaccessible attributes
  • Edit All-Star rosters
  • Create and apply executable patch files


  • A bug in the program causes problems when trying to edit a player who was originally in the free agent pool if a roster data file is also loaded in addition to the executable
  • Schedule Editor is unavailable
  • Players cannot be traded, nor rosters reordered


The Editor provided a quick and easy method of editing basic player data in NBA Live 97, making it a popular tool for roster patching.